Co-authored by Abhinav Singh, Content Manager at Cisco 


‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change’ – Albert Einstein.

In a world that has been gripped with technology and the parallel desire to have faster, smoother, easily available resources, change is constant. Our endeavour to refine the ‘user experience’ for our learners has fuelled our efforts to transform Black Belt into a platform par excellence. SalesConnect has undergone some path-breaking changes, initiated by the generous feedback garnered through ‘Partner Listening’ and ‘Voice of Partner’ programs. We have ‘modernized’ the architecture, by leveraging best-in-class technology to curate a Cisco branded product and developing an interface that is expanding our learner base and optimizing partner experience.

Simplify: The new SalesConnect essentially and dramatically improves the ability to search for enablement resources in seller and partner workflow.

Optimize:  It advances a frictionless platform for enablement stakeholders to deliver best-in-class enablement experiences.

Standardize:  We will now deliver a data-centric tech stack that provides analytics to measure effectiveness and help leadership assess the ROI of enablement programs.

Scale:  It also leverages an existing approved architecture stack that allows us to scale with speed while maximizing Cisco’s ROI.

The Key Features of the New SalesConnect within a Salesforce-native platform are proving to take Black Belt Academy to a new level of ease and clarity.

Users are able to leverage the full platform with a transformed Landing Page, visually stunning sites with easier navigation, increased and relevant search, all available content, guided learning, assessment options, certifications and badges.

Learners will now have individually crafted Learning Tracs, to effectively engage customers with guided Learning Plans, enhanced quiz engines, ILT/vILT and pitch contests. An option to launch personalized, guided coaching led by managers and subject matter experts to develop sales skills with video coaching and rubrics to guide reviewers around best practices will be available.

Partner Enablement will be more transparent, by keeping partners informed about products and service updates, Cisco News, Partner Programs and Sales Strategies with training, content, sites, customized homepage, and partner specific priorities.

There are always subtle adaptations that go hand in hand with changes, and that’s what the Black Belt team is now working on. But with a solid support team and a much more organized case management system, we are ready to make this experience a great one for our learners!


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Saumya Harinarayan

Leader, Business Operations

Cisco Black Belt Academy