Saumya Harinarayan

Leader, Business Operations

Cisco Black Belt Academy

For over 16 years, Saumya Harinarayan has been leading all aspects of Technical Writing, Product Demonstration, Stakeholder Management, and Content Management. She has always strived and has been instrumental in the comprehensive growth of the organization. Being an author herself, she has written two books prior to joining Cisco and continues to aspire to write and create more content. In her current position with Cisco Systems, Saumya serves as a Leader in Business Operations. She drives Communications and Marketing for Black Belt Academy and is focused on shaping and transforming it's Operations.


April 21, 2023


SalesConnect Modernization: Transforming Black Belt Academy

2 min read

The Key Features of the New SalesConnect within a Salesforce-native platform are proving to take Black Belt Academy to a new level of ease and clarity.