Italian’s aren’t just known for their fresh and locally crafted pasta and pizzas. They are also known for their… Mattresses? Yep. You heard right.

PerDormire specializes in the production and distribution of 100% Italian-made mattresses and beds since 1971. And with over 120 stories across Italy, they are quickly becoming one of the most notable manufacturers locally and abroad.

But PerDormire needed a way to get to know their customers and bridge both offline and online experiences. They knew that their own digital transformation was the only way to stay competitive in the global market and deliver exactly what their customers wanted – whether in store or online.

That is when they engaged with Cisco Partner Cloud4Wi, a company specializing in AI-driven application suites to help to help understand and engage with their customers. What’s more, the solutions seamlessly integrate with any infrastructure and various CRM and marketing automation systems, allowing PerDormire to keep an ecosystem of integrated solutions.

First, Cloud4Wi recommended PerDormire to adopt Cisco Meraki due to its lean IT approach, ultimately allowing an easier roll out of the WiFi infrastructure.

Then, in March 2019, the mattress retailer rolled out the Cloud4Wi application suite across 76 of its stores. And along with the initial suite, PerDormire launched an in-store rewards program. This allowed customers to sign-up through the retailer’s welcome portal, while PerDormire collected customer data and preferences on the backend – and in full compliance with GDPR.

What’s more, the Cloud4Wi solution also gave a digital identity to every customer, helping the retailer to track and recall customer shopping characteristics – such as where they shopped, what date, and even how long they stayed in the stores.

“Thanks to Cloud4Wi, our customers — existing and potential — can join PerDormire’s world and share their information while being assured that their privacy is respected. Cloud4Wi enables us to get to know our customers better and has set up an infrastructure that would allow us to optimize the shopping journey of each individual customer.”

   Paolo Luchi , Sales & Marketing Director PerDormire

The project was a tremendous success. In only three months, PerDormire collected data on over 1400 customers. What’s more? The engagement rates were astonishing:

  • 81% opt-in rate
  • 82% email open rate
  • 53% coupon redemption rate

And that’s only the beginning. PerDormire plans keep the digital transformation going and continue to enrich and build out customers’ profiles for even greater, more personalized experiences.

Between a good nights sleep and a great customer experience, there’s a bridge

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing