Transfix loves logistics, and they’re pretty great at them too. Which is why they’re a leading freight brokerage company, that helps match their customer’s shipments to the best shippers for the job.

TekScape says…

For these brokers, real-time responses are everything. They use the latest tech to bring customers up-to-the-minute alerts and always-on accuracy. While they had no trouble connecting customers to shipments, they were having issues connecting to actual customers.

Their phones weren’t delivering at the speed they needed. Multiple calls caused the system to glitch, which made outbound calls nearly impossible. Those speed bumps weren’t working for these masters of logistics. “We couldn’t do our job” said Samantha Lee, Operational Manager at Transfix. “We are brokers—if we can’t make calls in real time there’s no business.”

Transfix decided to call up our team at TekScape, to help make their phones as reliable as their service. We’re IT architecture experts and a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, and right away, we knew the answer to their problems: Aria Hosted.

Aria is a phone system built with Cisco collaboration tech. It brings companies HD, cloud-hosted voice connection that’s tailored to their needs. Which in Transfixs’ case, meant multiple Aria profiles to make call traffic a non-issue.

Now, Transfix can handle every call—and shipment—that comes their way. And because the system runs of the cloud, there’s no downtime or logistical hiccups. Though, if they do ever have an issue, we’re ready to help them in real time, too.

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Gioia Ferretti

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