While FY21 is officially upon us, I can’t help but reflect on the exceptional value you, our partners, delivered in the past fiscal year. You’ve driven adoption with our customers, pivoted with the ever-changing landscape and helped to build the future of work 

While there are countless examples of amazing accomplishments from this past year as a result of our partnership, I’m most excited to highlight the following:  

  • 31% of Global Enterprise Trials Converted:  Customers relied on you more than ever to connect their distributed workforces and maintain business continuity. By converting 31% of Enterprise Trials, you’ve enabled users worldwide with the ability to connect securely and reliably. 
  • 44% YoY Collaboration Flex Growth: The growth of FLEX aligns with the needs of our customers and how they are transacting today.  
  • 24% Public Sector Growth:  You helped schools, agencies and community health systems face today’s challenges while delivering 24% growth. You have truly laid the foundation for the future. 

These are pretty exciting results but as always, the Global Partner Organization is working to drive continued success with our partners. Your valuable feedback led us to focus on key initiatives in FY20 to provide clarity, help you drive value and increase profitability moving forward: 

  • Lifecycle Incentive Revamp: Our new Lifecycle Incentive program helps you drive technology adoption and customer value to reduce churn while increasing profitability.  
  • Webex Calling Training & Enrollment Updates: To increase access to curriculum and enablement, we’ve simplified program requirements and significantly reduced training costs. 
  • Collaboration Promotions Overview: This new resource was designed to help you quickly position the best promotions to drive profitability and close business. 
  • EMPOWER Partner Transformation Framework: EMPOWER is a partner-centric enablement workshop created to position partner relevancy and continue to transform the workplace. 

You can expect our momentum to accelerate in the year ahead.  Our transition to the cloud will continue to provide more control and visibility allowing you to deliver new services and value to customers.  Our continued launch innovations will enhance the future of remote education and workspaces, enabling you to further shape, create and design the modern experience for customers. And, with continued offer simplification across the board for Collaboration, FY21 is clearly shaping up to be a success!  

I can’t wait to tackle the year ahead with each one of you as we have many exciting announcements in store. To stay up to date or learn more about the Collaboration programs, resources and events mentioned above, check out our Collaboration Hot Topics E-book. 


Cherie Caldwell

Global Director, Collaboration GTM

Global Partner Organization