We’re going Back to the Future in our Data Center time machine then exploring a new way to be the people that our customers know, like, and trust. Read on to learn how:

  • Tetration Analytics helps customers ____ (we filled in the blank below)
  • Healthy relationships lead to more business. We can help.


Tetration Analytics helps customers… (5 use cases)

Some call it the Data Center Time Machine. Others simply call it amazing.

This week Craig Huitema, Director of Market Management outlines five use cases that illustrate how Tetration Analytics can help our customers see everything happening in their data center, in real-time. He also calls out business and IT benefits as well as all the resources you need to understand the solution.

Tetration Analytics in the news:


>> Fast Forward: coming up we’ll explore more of the opportunities Tetration Analytics offers to you.


Healthy relationships lead to more business

The needs (and demands!) of your customers are changing at a rapid pace. We do business with people we know, like, and trust. So how can you develop and maintain healthy relationships with your customers? And gain more business as a result?

One way is to use Success Hub. It offers you thought leadership resources to help you build successful business models, stay ahead of the changing market, and secure long-term success. Learn how to use SuccessHub to build and maintain your customer success management practice using the four building blocks of people, process, automation, and analytics.


>>Fast Forward: Tell us where you want us to dig deeper in customer success management and customer lifecycle value.


What’s next?

>> Fast Forward: Next week Wendy Bahr, SVP, joins us to talk about customer success and security.

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