The most powerful marketing content is an inspired success story. In my recent blog, I told you how our Master Specialized partners are solving customers’ key business problems.  I want to share another incredible story of how a Cisco partner, Core BTS, created a powerful solution for their customer.

A technology foundation for the future

The banking industry has a reputation for speaking conservatively. So, when a bank president describes working with a Cisco partner as “remarkable,” it speaks volumes about the partner and their capabilities.

Core BTS, a Master Specialized partner, was chosen by North Country Savings Bank to help transform the 100-year old bank’s services. They needed a video solution to connect their customers to their offsite service representatives. The bank wanted to improve collaboration and training across offices. And decrease travel time and cost.

The bank described the new wireless, voice, and video solution as the “technology foundation that will carry us into the future.”


Up your game with the Cisco Partner Ecosystem

As a Master specialized partner, customers will expect to have deep, far-ranging conversations with you. Become a part of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem and find the capabilities your customers need, all within the safety of Cisco-validated partnerships. Give your customers more value and solve even more complex problems.

I’ll be showcasing more successful Master specialized partners in upcoming blogs. I will also talk more about the Cisco Partner Ecosystem and the opportunities that it can provide.

In the meantime, show your customers the Master Specialization website. It will help them understand the added benefits of working with a Master specialized partner, and why they should be working with you to solve their most pressing business challenges.

Have you used the Cisco Partner Ecosystem to connect with other partners and provided a business solution for a customer? Do you have a story to share? We would love to hear  how you are breaking the mold to build a new network of partnerships.  Tell us your story.


Smita Dave

Sr Marketing Manager

Collaboration Solutions Marketing