For most companies, a security breach is one opportunistic hack or algorithm away. There’s never a good time to let your guard down.

This is increasingly true in the manufacturing industry, where so many companies have multiple – often global – plant locations and complex supply chain channels. The more moving parts, the more vulnerable a company is.

That’s why Cisco teamed up with long-time partner Rockwell Automation to help make today’s manufacturing plants, and the plants of the future, more modern and more secure.

Cisco is known for our expertise as the largest security provider globally, plus our capabilities with multi-domain architectures. This fit well with Rockwell Automation’s legendary reputation as leaders in Operational Technology (OT) and connected enterprise strategy. Working together, we’ve been able to bring more of our customers’ day-to-day operations under the same cybersecurity umbrella as other parts of their companies. And, because there’s no end in sight for new threats, demand keeps growing.

Today’s manufacturing customers are seeking integrated solutions that connect devices at the sensor level with the ability to scale to a multi-cloud environment. But extracting data and moving it in a timely and secure manner throughout multiple layers of the network (sensor to cloud) can be challenging without improved security measures. That’s why customers are looking for a more secure, cross-domain architectural approach.

It’s all about meeting our customers where they are.

Whether customers have a fully automated plant or need us for specific use cases – from anomaly detection, segmentation, or remote access – we can customize the right solution.

Moving customers away from their proprietary software systems means more flexible, standardized systems that can scale as operations grow. The result? Increased productivity, lower asset risk, and across-the-board cost savings. Learn how customers like Jack Daniels and Daimler are able to optimize operations and enable business agility by making networks data-ready, modern and secure.

If you’re attending Hannover Messe 2019, you can connect directly with Cisco and Rockwell Automation solution experts to learn how our strong partnership can help you align your IT strategies with your operational goals.

Together, Cisco and Rockwell Automation are helping the manufacturing industry improve cybersecurity, one plant at a time.


Mike Austin

Senior Director, Global Industry Partners

Global Partner Organization (GPO)