Boon Lai, Vice President of Global Partner Marketing, recently talked about the work in digital learning and artificial intelligence we’ve seen come to fruition in 2019. Specifically, if you happened to see Boon present at the Cisco Marketing Velocity event in New Orleans, you heard him speak about:

  • Digital becoming a human extension
  • Intelligence becoming the new currency
  • Customers becoming predictable – in real time

If you missed Boon’s presentation, I highly recommend finding 19 minutes to watch the replay of his session from New Orleans. With that background, you’ll be completely up-to-speed on how we are looking to reach partners with our latest team member, Meg. She is a chatbot that can communicate partner news directly to you in a one-on-one Webex Teams space.

Once you’re ready, she is here to say hello:

Meg is our Marketing Enablement Guru. Get it? Of course, I just broke out an acronym. I mean, what did you expect? Don’t let it stop you though, because Meg is great!

She “lives” in Webex Teams and brings the latest and greatest partner marketing news to subscribers. All you have to do is sign up with Meg and she’ll keep you current on the latest Cisco marketing news, training reminders, pilot programs and more.

Engaging with Meg couldn’t be easier if you’re already using Webex Teams. Just go to the search function and type in meg@webex.bot. Click on Meg to enter a one-on-one space with her. Enter “subscribe” and you’ll be signed up to receive all of Meg’s updates. It’s a great way to remain in the know on all things Global Partner Marketing, so I urge you to sign up with her.

And hey, you get bonus jokes too. For those of you already engaging with Meg, thanks for signing up. I’m sure you’ve seen a bit of her sense of humor coming through. For everyone else, sign up now and you’ll understand what I mean! We put her in charge of sending out our updates, and sometimes she has a mind all of her own.

I hope you take advantage of this new way to receive news from us here in Global Partner Marketing. Meg provides another avenue for us to interact using Cisco technology, while having a little “fun” with the process along the way.

So, expect Meg to be a little “cheeky.” I promise she won’t overburden you with announcements though. Right now, Meg will send out about two announcements per week, but of course that will vary a bit based on events and launches. We’ll keep her in check so as not to drive you to unsubscribe. Meg wouldn’t like that. Meg wouldn’t like that much at all…

Seriously though, please let me know what you think in the comments below. I would love to hear what you think of Meg, and feel free to suggest what news you’d like to see her sending out to you too!



David Durham

Content Strategist