The software market is exploding. Organizations are purchasing software at an ever-increasing rate to power their digital transformation; yet they struggle to manage the complexity of their software license landscape. Today, many organizations overspend on software but underutilize the functionality. In fact, 25% of annual software budgets are wasted on managing license utilization and complexity.

It’s no secret that Cisco’s strategy is centered on helping our customers connect, secure, and automate to accelerate their digital agility in a cloud-first world. It’s ambitious… but that’s what makes Cisco who we are. And that’s where our long-standing partnership with NTT comes in.

Over the past two years, Cisco has been working with NTT to bring our powerful innovations across different hardware and software portfolios, delivering more integrated and comprehensive solutions via APIs. To that end, NTT developed Software Lifecycle Services enabling organizations to realize tangible business outcomes, including:

  • Enhanced risk mitigation that ensures compliance, governance, and security across multiple software landscapes
  • Improved productivity and reduced costs
  • Self-service analytics for insights on trends
  • Increased visibility on technology investments
  • Greater efficiency managing shifts in licensing structures

Dilip Kumar, NTT’s Global Chief Digital Officer said it best, “NTT offers a full portfolio of advanced, end-to-end ICT infrastructure services, backed by one of the most extensive IT operations in the world. Together with Cisco, we deliver at every stage of the technology journey to drive the greatest customer value, enabling our clients to simplify their IT and focus on driving innovation in their organizations.”

Cisco and NTT provide unified software lifecycle management services that are data driven, self-healing, and most importantly, predictable. In today’s world with growing demands for automation, we bring differentiated value in the market by taking complexity out of the equation and putting value in its place.

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Cisco and NTT partnership


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Chris Panzeca

Senior Director

Global Strategic Partner Sales