The synergy among AWS, Cisco, and our valued channel partners creates an amazing customer-centric value proposition for those organizations migrating to the cloud. Case in point:  security.

In its shared responsibility model, AWS assumes responsibly for the security of the underlying cloud infrastructure. In parallel, AWS customers are responsible for the security of applications, workload, data, and network traffic while running in AWS’ cloud—on an ongoing basis. This task is challenging because of the high volume of network traffic and the alerts potentially generated. The challenge is compounded in public cloud infrastructures because of differences in monitoring capabilities, network topology, and the rapid pace of infrastructure changes when compared to on-premises environments.

Meanwhile, organizations increasingly want to focus their limited resources on strategically achieving desired outcomes rather than tactically managing infrastructure. This trend is accelerated when it comes to security, because expert cybersecurity personnel are in short supply.

Fortunately, two innovations address these challenges for organizations running in AWS Cloud:

Professional services offered through AWS Marketplace

First, at re:Invent 2020 AWS announced that third parties can now offer professional services through the AWS Marketplace. Customers can use the marketplace to purchase the professional services they need to support the full lifecycle of those applications, including planning, deployment, and support. Providers of professional services can now effectively offer service as a service bundled with software, which represents another step in the transformation of the software supply chain.

Pinnacle Technology Partners managed cloud security with Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics

Second, Cisco and AWS Advanced Consulting partner Pinnacle Technology Partners (PTP) have responded to the needs of our customers by partnering with AWS to offer a security visibility, analysis, and detection solution using AWS VPC Flow logs and Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (formally called Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud).

By bundling Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics —an AWS-native security and network visibility service—with the PTP PeakPlus team of security industry veterans, PTP provides AWS and Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics management, optimization, incident triage, threat hunting, and intelligent escalation to facilitate event remediation before there is any data loss. This service includes white-glove Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics implementation services as well as ongoing automated detection, predictive threat analysis, ubiquitous visibility, and expert security resources for an organization’s footprint running in AWS.

“The ability for PTP to offer our services on the AWS Marketplace allows customers to transact in a cloud native manner without the complexity or friction associated with getting a services SOW and related billing documents. Customers can transact with PTP just like they were transacting with AWS. For PTP, being on the AWS Marketplace enables us to market our offers and services to a much wider potential customer base. The Marketplace is a win for both the AWS customer and the AWS Partner.”
– Ethan Simmons, Managing Partner, Pinnacle Technology Partners (PTP)

60-day free trial

Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics is simple to get up and running—so simple that, for a limited time, PTP is offering a 60-day trial of its service at no charge. You can order a trial of the service directly from the PTP website as well as the AWS Marketplace.

Are you responsible for making sure your footprint running in AWS is safe from cybercriminals? If so, learn more about PTP’s managed cloud security offering bundled with Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics.


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