Today’s workplaces don’t exist in one place. Companies are spread out across the world, with employees and teams working across geographies. But collaboration tools are helping teams catch up from afar. Allowing you to meet face-to-face across time zones as easily as across the office, without the hassle and cost of travel.

Sei Mani says…

As a Cisco Lifecycle Advisor partner, we have been recognized as having the people, process and practices to drive adoption. We specialize in Webex adoption, supporting an any place, any time work environment.

Following Virgin media’s Acquisition in 2013 by Liberty Global, the need to expand Webex adoption into Liberty Global was imperative. Now, with over 37,000 employees working across 30 different countries, Liberty Global was ready to transform the way their employees utilized collaboration technology.

That’s when they decided to invest in the adoption of Cisco Webex. Liberty Global needed to give their employees the tools to work faster and smarter. And they also recognized that adoption does not take place over night. That is when we stepped in.

We deployed an on-demand Genius Desk that was available 24/7 for all employee, serving as a coaching tool for any and all Webex questions. The desk became a space that allowed people to share knowledge and breakthroughs via meetings on WebEx, cutting the time it took to make decisions, launch products, or fix problems.

“Eight in ten people at Virgin Media use Webex, now. And its flexibility means everyday communication is cheaper and more useful. Virgin Media can now focus on doing work, not trying to make their systems work.”

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