Happy New Year!

I can’t recall another year that I was as happy to leave behind as 2020. While we’re still facing tremendous challenges as the impacts of COVID-19 continue to ripple throughout the world economy and our public health systems, I feel renewed hope and energy as we embark on a new year. I hope you’re also feeling inspired and ready to take on 2021!

2020 was a year full of unknowns, but it was also a year of great learning. Businesses had to rethink and adjust quickly, adapting in an ever-changing environment. These rapid changes have accelerated some of the changing trends in our industry. With this in mind, we partnered with two industry experts to share insights on the future of B2B marketing and the subsequent impact on the channel.

In The Customer of the Future, best-selling author and keynote speaker Blake Morgan, introduces the concept of the ‘B2Me customer’ and outlines the critical role customer experience plays when it comes to winning business. Blake shares several B2Me examples and five qualities a successful customer experience leader should exemplify.

The changes in the customer journey that Blake discusses have directly impacted the partner ecosystem. As such, I encourage you to listen next to an exclusive session with Jay McBain from Forrester. Jay introduces the concept of the ‘trifurcated channel’, explaining the different players in the customers’ buying process . He outlines six industry predictions and four recovery opportunities that Cisco partners should take advantage of. He discusses characteristics of the B2B buyer of the future, and how businesses can best position themselves to win.

I hope you find these sessions valuable and remember to take advantage of everything Marketing Velocity has to offer, including Marketing Velocity Learning, a robust curriculum designed specifically to enrich your marketing practices and drive demand.

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Karine Elsen

Director of Marketing

Strategic Partner Marketing and Ecosystem Acceleration Team