Going into Cisco’s Partner Summit Digital, we know that our partners and customers have been experiencing transformational changes across their businesses and their personal lives. Because of today’s “Business Unusual” – customers have moved faster and more aggressively towards digitization, remote operations, and automation, so that they can deliver critical parts of their business resilience plans.

Likewise, despite these uncertain times, partners need to find areas of growth. They need conversations and solutions that increase customer relevance, deliver an immediate and ongoing profitability impact, and ultimately make a difference!

Drive your profitability with Industrial IoT

That’s exactly where IoT delivers. Partners can help customers with these critical initiatives and capture new incremental revenue with IoT by asking just one simple question: What are you doing for your outdoor connectivity?

By starting with outdoor connectivity and Cisco’s industrial networking portfolio, customers benefit from the same foundation as the rest of Cisco’s Intent-Based Networking solutions. And partners can deliver value quickly with rapid deployment and unified management. If you haven’t explored industrial connectivity and security yet, now is the time. It is easily a $2B captive opportunity within your existing customer base!

Grow your business with IoT training and incentives

Use this 3-step process to win connectivity today and capture the edge tomorrow:

  • Step 1: Capture incremental revenue by leveraging your existing IT relationships and networking skills to securely connect your customers’ outdoor environment and assets.
  • Step 2: Build your Industrial IoT practice by completing IoT Essentials Specialization and learn about multiple use cases and repeatable sales plays for extending your customers’ networks even further – ultimately, increasing stickiness, relevance, and profitability.
  • Step 3: Grow and turbo-charge your IoT practice and deliver business transformation for industry specific use cases by completing IoT Advantage Specialization.

“Cisco has done a fantastic job of further formalizing their partner program and enablement specific to IoT, in addition to strengthening channel support. As an IoT Specialized partner, we look at partnerships that offer a strong product portfolio and that allow us to deliver services and transformational outcomes to our customers. Cisco provides a portfolio for industrial network and security that allows us to have a truly holistic approach to secure edge to cloud with our industrial customers.”
Michelle Curtis, Vice President, Emerging Technologies

Beyond enablement, we have designed profitability programs to reward our partners investing in IoT practice development.

  • IoT IGNITE: Partners completing IoT Essentials & IoT Advantage Specializations can utilize up to a 63% upfront discount and enhance their profitability.

  • Migration Incentive Program (MIP): With the new Migration Incentive Program, all partners can receive an additional 7% stackable discount for competitive take-outs or by refreshing legacy products to the Catalyst IE 3×00 or Catalyst IE 3400H.

Remember that IoT projects connect you with new contacts at your current customers – like the line of business leaders. That leads to conversations and projects that help get to new spending centers and also capture profitable services revenue.

IoT continues to deliver profitability with new product innovations

With all of these training opportunities and incentives available, now is the perfect time to dig into IoT. Here is a quick overview of the latest IoT innovations available from Cisco:

  • Across industries, we have seen how Cyber Vision gives our customers great visibility to their IoT devices, while also protecting their industrial control systems against cyber risks.
  • With Edge Intelligence, our customers can ingest IoT machine data at the edge, translate this data into analytics, and provide integration and governance across their cloud, multi-cloud and on-premise platforms or environments.
  • Fluidmesh expands our industrial wireless offerings to deliver high-value use cases across high-speed rail, mass transit, ports, and on-the-move assets for connectivity and reliable backhaul.
  • Just last week, we introduced Industrial Asset Vision – an all-in-one solution for facility and asset monitoring in outdoor and indoor spaces that includes pre-integrated Cisco sensors, Cisco IoT gateways, and a new cloud-based dashboard.

I encourage you to learn more about these new innovations. Despite the challenges of 2020, we are seeing large investments in automation and business resilience projects from our customers in verticals such as manufacturing, utilities, mining, oil & gas, and transportation. The entire Cisco IoT portfolio – and particularly these new innovations – can help you capitalize on this heightened demand.

“Cisco has been invaluable in supporting the development of our world-class IoT practices, to address specific industry challenges with a leading end-to-end technology platform and a very strong partnership focus. Cisco has been alongside Axians for several years now and we expect to continue this journey together for many more to come.”
Joao Faria, Global Business Development Manager, Expertise & Strategic Partnerships

Get started with IoT today!

Cisco IoT is delivering tangible business value for our customers – to streamline operations, get real-time insights, remotely monitor their environment, and power data-driven business outcomes. It’s a great way to create new areas of relevance plus new areas of value, profitability, and success with your customers.

Ready to get started?


We look forward to seeing you at Partner Summit Digital and working with you to expand your practice and success with Cisco IoT – today and beyond.


Nykaj Nair

Senior Manager, Engineering

Internet of Things (IoT)