In 2001, Cisco Capital introduced Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment (CCRE) a program designed to sell Cisco’s high-quality refurbished products. To address the growing secondary market, and provide a price-competitive and trusted alternative in those cases when buying new equipment is not an option, Cisco Capital is evolving its CCRE program to become Cisco Refresh. Available through Cisco authorized resellers and the Cisco Commerce Workspace, products sold through Cisco Refresh are remanufactured and backed by the same Cisco warranty and service support options as if buying new. Providing a range of value-added lifecycle solutions, Cisco Refresh also introduces a new sales tool and expanded profitability opportunities for partners.

  • 1 Click Tool (1CT) availability: Now available to all partners worldwide, this tool allows easy blending of customer’s bill of materials along with a simple way of identifying the right discount required to close the deal. The tool also introduces “Watch List,” a new feature that allows partners to insert certain part numbers they are tracking, and automatically be notified when these parts become available.
  • Expanded portfolio: Approximately 500 products have been added to the Cisco Refresh portfolio providing partners with extra revenue potential and product availability. The inventory – consisting now of nearly 4,000 offerings – includes products from all technology areas, including switching, routing, wireless, IP telephony, security, and other advanced technologies.
  • Cisco Refresh Partner Incentive Program (RFIP): Partners registered in RFIP may be able to receive an additional rebate on eligible Cisco Refresh sales.
  • Distributors: Global distributors have full access to the Cisco Refresh inventory and can carry a range of products either in stock or available on request.

Products available through Cisco Refresh are remanufactured and certified, include all critical engineering upgrades and standard accessories, and are eligible for leasing and financing offers available through Cisco Capital. Additionally, partners are able to add in value-added services to Cisco Refresh products, providing a complete solution to best address customer needs. Cisco Refresh products are ideal as a standalone solution when specific parts and quantities are needed; however, its value is even greater when blended in a solution with new Cisco equipment. Cisco Refresh is a great fit in the following scenarios:

  • Constrained budget: When budget is limited, Cisco Refresh provides the maximum flexibility in procuring the technology you need. Cisco Refresh products provide a cost-effective solution as individual product needs, or can be combined with new Cisco products in a larger solution to reduce the overall cost and meet even the most challenging procurement requirements.
  • Product availability: We maintain a large inventory of older and end-of-sale models needed to maintain installed network configurations or to optimize IT resources between planned migrations or upgrades. Our inventory of current models provides a solution if new product availability cannot accommodate your delivery requirements. In-stock products can generally ship within 24 hours.
  • Compliance with corporate “green” requirements: Remanufactured equipment provides a tangible green solution to help customers address corporate “green” initiatives.  A remanufactured unit use less energy to remanufacture, helps to extend the useful life of Cisco products, and reduces the amount of electronic equipment ending up in landfills.

To learn more about Cisco Refresh, please visit: www.cisco.com/go/refresh


Alastair Borissow


POE: Global Sales Strategy, Operations and Planning