As we continue to explore and quantify the opportunities presented to our partners by the Internet of Everything (IoE), I’m excited to share that our latest research has identified $4.6 trillion of value in the public sector. That brings the total value “up for grabs” by our partners to an astounding $19 trillion by 2022 (the private sector will account for $14.4 trillion of the total opportunity). Read the IoE Public Sector Value at Stake White Paper and Top 10 Insights.

Those partners who choose to exploit IoE must move quickly to gain a leadership position and evolve their technology infrastructures and business models to stay competitive. Challenges you should keep in mind include:

  • How to gain insights from the vast amount of available data to make predictions about new customer behaviors and to take action to accelerate new initiatives
  • How to keep pace with the rapid changes that this new environment will bring
  • How to proactively deal with threats to security that will come from an environment of increasing connectedness

As the global network grows, so does the opportunity for Cisco and our partners to grow with it. IoE is not a destination or an end point – it’s a journey we’re already on. Virtually every industry can benefit from the new and better connections enabled by IoE. Existing IT investments, including networks, mobility, video, data center, etc. will be combined with new capabilities and technology solutions to deliver more robust IoE services over time.

The same solutions that you’re selling now—the network, mobility, cloud, security, and Big Data—are highly relevant to IoE.

I’m excited about this extraordinary opportunity for us to continue to partner and achieve unprecedented business results. I invite you to take advantage of the research, thought leadership content and marketing assets to leverage the power of Cisco behind IoE:

Also, please view the Partner IoE Campaign Training webcast to continue to learn how to engage with customers to bring IoE to life and claim your share of this amazing opportunity.

What are you doing to unlock the IoE potential? Let me know via Twitter @SherriLiebo.


Sherri Liebo

Vice President

Global Partner Marketing