In a world where everything is becoming more digital and faster, customers are changing the way they buy. Many customers prefer to pay based on outcomes, which can occur over a long period of time. This is where Cisco Capital comes in—serving as an important part of our partners’ successful transition to solve the cash flow problem while meeting customer buying requirements.

By offering a flexible payment solution, Cisco Capital provides partners with the ability to enable a successful transition with positive cash flow throughout. This allows partners to successfully complete a business model transformation from acquiring on a net-30 basis to selling on a recurring periodic payment basis and delivers the outcomes that your customers need and transfer risk to Cisco Capital.

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“Financial transformation leverages flexible payment solutions and enables our partners’ businesses to have flexibility, optimized technology, and simplified and reduced operational risk—all while exceeding customer expectations,” said Steve Taylor, Senior Director of Global Partner Organization, Cisco Capital.

Cisco Capital is also at the forefront, as many of our Cisco products and solutions are moving to recurring offers and term-based subscriptions. This allows customers to accelerate without constraints and obtain the latest technology with monthly payments.

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By leveraging flexible payment solutions, our partners can meet the needs of their customers for all sorts of payment solutions all while delivering a capitalization or cash flow strategy.

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Steve Taylor

Senior Director, Cisco Capital

Worldwide Partner Organization