Cisco Black Belt Academy offers the latest in technology enablement to our partners, distributors, and Cisco employees. With ever-changing industry trends and market dynamics, an in-depth understanding of end-users’ requirements is of supreme importance, and we strive to offer the best in Partner Experience.

Learning from our learners

Listen-Learn-Act-Repeat is a never ending cycle at Black Belt Academy. We endeavor to engage our partners in a variety of ways to offer Black Belt Academy courses that help them succeed. With an exhaustive enablement catalogue, we ensure that we are in sync with the wants of our learners. Our Partner Experience team works tirelessly behind the scenes to support learners when they need help.

Graphic listing the Cisco Black Belt Training Catalog

In principle, we believe in having a symbiotic approach in the way we go about doing business: we are as good as our learners on any given day.

Constantly refining based on learners’ input

We have identified specific touch points to include our partners’ input in refining our Learning Plans:

Voice of the Partner: The initiative is a part of Global Partner Routes and Sales. It is designed to understand the perspective of our consumers across all Cisco verticals. Such inputs help us in innovating and upgrading our offerings.

Partner Listening: Taking cue of the Voice of the Partner initiative, we have set forth a Partner Listening activity that caters to Black Belt-specific partners and distributors. We take pride in the fact that the initiative has increased our engagement levels with our consumers. Our platform refinement and the revamped framework of our learning courses exemplifies our commitment towards developing user-oriented products.

Review and Feedback: At the end we have the Review/Feedback option attached to our courses. This might be a contemporary tool, but it is nevertheless very important at sorting escalations at the earliest.

Your voice, our actions

The feedback received is diligently addressed by our entire Black Belt Team. We make deliberate efforts to accommodate the requested changes from our partners, especially those that affect our overall engagement and user experience. Our Annual Refresh is dedicated to integrating these changes into both the Platform Experience and the curated content. The Black Belt Content BDMs collaborate to enhance the quality of assets and the context of trainings each year, ensuring we provide what you need in the manner you need it.

An experience based on learners’ needs

We take pride in being among a handful of organizations whose product orientation is based on customers’ wants. Through the implementation of both proactive and reactive measures, we ensure our learners have the best experience. As you learn from us rest assured, we are continuously learning from you.

Happy Learning!!


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