Tejas Patil

Tejas Patil is currently the Global Strategy and Planning leader in Black Belt Academy. He is responsible for the experience that the learners have on the platform and leads the Project Management Office. As a part of his career journey, Tejas started as an application developer, but joined Cisco as a frontline Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Engineer. In the past 19 years with Cisco, Tejas has done various roles in Support, Enablement, Virtual Sales Engineering, Business Development, and managed teams of different sizes. The responsibility of being a mentor or coach to help nurture new talent is something that Tejas cherishes the most and has brought all the knowledge and experience to help develop the enablement platform in Black Belt Academy.


May 3, 2024


Unifying Excellence with Strategic Partnerships: Cisco Black Belt Academy and VQ Communications

2 min read

Building on the momentum of VQ's integration into the Black Belt Academy, we're thrilled to announce comprehensive updates to our trainings, featuring the latest insights on VQ Conference Manager DMA and our innovative self-service app, VQ Conference Manager Metro.

December 8, 2023


How Cisco Black Belt Academy Learns from Our Learners

2 min read

Cisco Black Belt Academy offers the latest in technology enablement to our partners, distributors, and Cisco employees. With ever-changing industry trends and market dynamics, an in-depth understanding of end-users’ requirements is of supreme importance, and we strive to offer the best in Partner Experience.

August 11, 2022


Black Belt Academy: The Bridge Between Training and Enablement

1 min read

Because enablement is such an important part of continuing education, we have created Cisco Black Belt Academy to bridge the gap between foundational training and the training required to build your skills to do your job.