Last year, everything changed. We worked from home full time, traveled less, entertained ourselves online, and met family and friends over video. Life was disrupted, but disruption often leads to transformation and evolution.

Honeywell and Cisco have been partners for more than a decade. We work together to automate customer operations around the world. Now, we’re collaborating to build innovative new spaces. When the world returns to the factory, the airport, the hotel, the stadium, and the workplace, we’ll return with resilience. Buildings will be more efficient, more comfortable, safer, and healthier.

Honeywell and Cisco are expanding the reach of Catalyst 9120 and 9130 Wi-Fi 6 Access Points to connect building sensors using protocols such as Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Honeywell is virtualizing its building management systems (BMS) controllers to run as software on Catalyst 9300 and Industrial Ethernet 3400 switches. By leveraging Cisco’s edge computing capability, Honeywell can reduce customer infrastructure cost and complexity. Additionally, sensor data that was previously discarded can become a new source of better decision making.

For our customers, that means better business outcomes:

  • Building owners and consultants benefit from shorter project timelines and lower construction costs. Honeywell and Cisco can deliver up to 15 to 25 percent initial savings by using a converged IT/OT network and expanded wireless reach for OT sensors. We reduce steady-state operating costs through a more efficient infrastructure and by offering power-over-ethernet (PoE) lighting options. Honeywell further reduces building environmental costs and improves predictive maintenance through advanced management systems and improved sensing. Together, we can drive up to 40 percent recurring operational savings.
  • System integrators gain from lower installation costs, reduced hardware requirements, fewer wired sensor connections, and zero- or low-touch commissioning and device onboarding. Integrators can also create new revenue streams by developing applications that leverage this richer sensor environment and edge compute resources.
  • Building occupants can enjoy a safer, healthier, more comfortable, and efficient environment. Expanded sensing improves Honeywell’s ability to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, and occupant density. The Honeywell Forge enterprise performance management solution integrates this data to allow facility managers to better manage occupant experience and space utilization and to track building health.

For Cisco and Honeywell, working together means we can make a bigger impact with more customers, more efficiently. Our integrated solutions are designed into the building from the beginning, rather than added on as a separate project. This reduces project risk and improves time to market, giving stakeholders in any building project the incentive to choose Cisco and Honeywell first.

In 2020, we all changed where we work. Now, Honeywell and Cisco are rethinking how buildings work.


Please contact me at jcurrens@cisco.com to discuss your customer’s building project.


Joe Currens

Business Development Manager

Global Partner Organization