College can be hard for some students. Between a new campus, new friends, and a new busy schedule—there’s a lot of pressure.  It can be too much, especially straight out of high school. And because of the stress, some students end up dropping out. Colleges across the US recognize this as a major problem. They want to help students adjust and thrive more easily—so they can get the education they’ve been working towards.

Involvio says…

One way to do that is by keeping administrators connected with students. And, as most of us know, there’s no better way to reach a college student then on their smartphones.

At Involvio, we help top colleges across the US stay connected with a student-focused solution that lives on the phones their students use. We build apps that greet students on day one of orientation and see them all the way through graduation. In between, our apps help students every day, with everything from information on room assignments and concerts to high quality video meetings with their professors.

And with the AI that runs in the background, we can help the college suggest new options for specific students, because the app learns more about the student’s interests, stresses, and study style. It’s all built on the same Cisco Webex APIs that power Webex, so colleges know the systems is reliable, even in difficult environments like a spread-out campus.

The AI, along with big data tech, helps administrators too. It can help them spot kids who are struggling before it’s too late to help them. So administrators and students can stay connected and turn stressed freshmen into straight-A seniors.

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Gioia Ferretti

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