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Enabling refugees to find meaningful work with Cisco and our partners has been a key focus for our Cisco Talent Bridge team. To accomplish this, we support our partner community by sharing information procured from collaborations with organizations such as: UNHCR, Tent Partnership for Refugees as well as the law firms EY and Fragomen Worldwide. We also connect our partners with refugee candidates through our Talent Bridge Matching Engine platform.

For those considering hiring refugees, we have an informative session to consume on-demand. This content is centered around helping you support refugees. Highlighting common problems refugees encounter and strategies on mitigating for them. It’s important to consult your own expert as each country will have their own rules and regulations to navigate. As our experts share, you may need to rely upon creativity and strategy to find solutions to bring refugees into the workforce.

Featured Insights

Length: It is forty-five minutes in length, in English, and the content covers a global perspective of hiring, supporting, and engaging with refugees.

Navigating Government Requirements: Our speakers Ben Willis from EY and Kristi Nevarez from Fragomen Worldwide highlight examples of how Cisco has worked through local policies in Australia and the USA to successfully hire displaced individuals. During Kristi’s segment, you’ll learn more about, “Cisco’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and how they have been successful in supporting displaced persons and bringing them into Cisco’s immigration program.”

Understanding where refugees live: Fabio Siani from UNHCR shared key statistics on the global refugee crisis and on where they reside. Surprisingly, only 22% of the overall refugee population live in refugee camps. And on average, refugees live in exile for 10 years, with the median duration being four years.

Benefits of bringing refugees into your business: Shai Tamary from Tent Partnership for Refugees shared the business benefits for supporting and hiring refugees in the workplace. Research and experiences have indicated that refugees are more likely to be long term employees, as they are more loyal and value the opportunity provided by the company. Businesses also have a distinct opportunity to change the course of a refugee’s life – and the life of their family when they invest in hiring a refugee.

Connect Directly with Refugees

Through the Cisco Talent Bridge Matching Engine platform, a global tool, directly connect with refugee candidates. This free platform can be used by partners and distributors using your CCO login credentials. When posting a job, identify that it is open to refugees and filter matching candidates by refugee status. The platform is available in 17 languages. The talent on the platform is a mix of technical and nontechnical individuals – so you can hire for a variety of positions.


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