Westside School District has been growing fast, from just 1,700 students to more than 9,500 students. With so many new kids to teach, they needed a new building to keep up with their growth.

Westside’s board had big dreams for the new school. They wanted a place that made it easy for teachers and students to use the same devices that they used at home. This went beyond traditional classrooms, to create an environment where everyone could work together like they were sitting at the same table, even if they were in different locations.

On top of that, Westside wanted to give students, staff, and teachers secure access while on campus. That way, they could keep an eye on who went where—all to keep their campus safe.

Dimension Data says…

At Dimension Data, we were ready to turn those dreams into a reality. We’re an IT technology company that forms solutions for our clients do their jobs better, and not get bogged down in bits and bytes.

We started by building in ever-reliable Cisco technology—with a networking backbone of switches that supports all of the devices people bring to school. This led to down-time decreasing by 97%.

The next step was saving time with online tools and always-working Wi-Fi, video surveillance, and monitors. This allowed students and teachers connect and talk with each other across campuses and classrooms.

Westside was so happy with the solution that they asked us to repeat the solution at the district’s 11 other schools. Upgrading the school’s technology has helped the district live up to their mission of always putting students first. By keeping one step ahead of fast changing technology, they’ll always be able to serve their students an A+ experience.

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