What an exciting time for Cisco Secure Firewall, with the announcements of new innovations including our Firewall 7.0 release and the enhanced integration between SecureX and Secure Firewall, we are raising the bar when it comes to simplifying, strengthening, and redefining your customer’s network, workload, and multi-cloud security.  Our Reimagine Network Security – Partner Insights Forum on June 15th highlighted all of the exciting updates in the 7.0 release.

These new firewall innovations bring a great opportunity to partners globally to look at their existing install base and position the benefits of Cisco Secure firewall to their customers.  The opportunity in EMEAR alone is tremendous and we have partners who are already seeing great success.  Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Andrey Zaikin, Infosecurity Sales Director at one of our focus partners for EMEAR, Croc IT to chat through their thoughts on our new 7.0 FTD release and recant recent firewall win.


 Q: Thanks for talking with me today, Andrey. First question, what is your opinion of Cisco Secure Firewall today?


We see great improvement in Cisco Secure Firewall. The development vector continues to evolve towards convenient real-time network security analysis based on flexible and informative reports. SecureX platforms adds a lot, providing an integrated approach to security that ensures the correlation of threats across the entire Cisco Secure portfolio and accelerates the response to network security incidents. We, together with our customers, have already enjoyed advantages of integrated use of SecureX + Cisco Secure Firewall.


Q: I understand you had a recent Secure Firewall win. Could you share what were the priorities and challenges of this customer and why Secure Firewall was the right solution for your customer?


The customer [a large financial bank] considered migrating from the McAfee IPS product because higher performance was required. Having solutions from Cisco in the infrastructure: internal data network is built on Cisco switches; Cisco ISE solution is used to manage the identification and access control processes. The choice of the solution was determined in favor of Cisco Secure Firewall because of easy integration with existing equipment, as well as higher performance in comparison with the legacy McAfee IPS solution. The advantage in choosing a solution from Cisco was a deeper configuration functionality, which in turn gives a lower level of false positives during operation.

Q: What were some other considerations/advantages with positioning the Secure Firewall solution in the customer’s environment?


Well, Cisco is recognized IPS leader. The advantage is in the integration with the most extensive threat intelligence delivered by Cisco Talos, which allows you to receive new policy rules and signatures. This significantly increases the security efficiency of the bank’s infrastructure. The ability to define more contextual network data through the Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center. Viewing, analyzing applications, signs of hacking, host profiles, the trajectory of malicious files, information about vulnerabilities and OS visibility at the device level. The customer is able to use these inputs to optimize security by leveraging granular policy settings or Snort signature settings.


Q: SecureX continues to be a major focus for us, how have you been able to use the integration between SecureX and Cisco Secure Firewall to provide your customer with additional value?


SecureX was not deployed in the initial phase of this project, but the customer is extremely interested in it, and we will work with them on this integration in the near future. This will provide us with another opportunity to engage with the customer and use SecureX to integrate across their existing security investments.


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Yves Mertens

Director, Cybersecurity

EMEAR Partner Organisation