Enrollment just got so much easier.

I am excited to officially announce the availability of our new, one-time enrollment for our incentive programs.

Because your success is our top priority, we’ve centered our program evolution on simplifying and improving your ease of doing business with us.  We condensed our various enrollment requirements for certain incentive programs into a one-time-only enrollment. This new Channel Program Incentive Agreement is simple, flexible, and consistent across all regions.

Moving forward, you just need to enroll once, and you will stay enrolled for as long as you are in good standing with us—meaning, you continue to meet all program requirements and criteria. Plus, starting February 4, we’ll auto-enroll you into all programs you are eligible for within the Agreement, including:

With the new, simplified enrollment process, you will no longer have to search for eligible programs or complete individual program enrollments. This is a great opportunity to earn more on incentives you didn’t even know you qualified for!

As a special note, partners participating in the VIP 33 period, launching on January 27, must enroll in the new Agreement by March 8 to ensure your bookings are backdated to the beginning of the VIP 33 period. The good news is that no VIP partner will need to re-enroll for subsequent VIP periods if you are in good standing with us. The VIP periods will remain the same, launching every six months.

Next step

Check out the Channel Program Incentive Agreement User Guide to learn how to enroll your company today! You’ll be ahead of the game and ready for auto-enrollment into eligible programs.

Because so many of you are already taking advantage of this new one-time enrollment, you may experience a delay in accessing the Partner Program Enrollment tool; please be patient–the streamlined experience is worth the wait.


Sandra Flinders

Senior Director

Global Partner Programs