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The network has never been more important to running mission-critical IT applications and solving business needs. To drive business advantage, an organization’s network must support hybrid work and cloud-centric models, stay ahead of cybersecurity threats, while providing automation capabilities and network insights from real-time analytics.

This is further complicated by managing across multiple sites, meeting compliance standards, and monitoring a range of technologies from multiple vendors. Rearchitecting the campus network to accommodate these challenges can increase the burden on IT teams already struggling with skill shortages and staffing constraints.

The criticality of the network to the business underscores the importance of working with leading networking and IT services companies to overcome these challenges and provide the managed solutions and expertise enterprises require. That’s where NTT’s Managed Network Service for Cisco Catalyst Center, underpinned by NTT’s Spektra platform, comes in. NTT’s Managed Catalyst Center offer helps customers enhance network performance to meet the demands of the digital organization.

Improve network performance with NTT and Cisco

NTT’s Managed Network Services with Cisco Catalyst Center provides a cloud-based network automation, advanced monitoring and management solution. Cisco Catalyst Center becomes the brain of the network – monitoring and automating network management and providing event correlation, real-time analytics and insights. Catalyst Center is underpinned by AI-enabled network management that can streamline configuration, troubleshooting and operational functions by making recommendations based on Machine Reasoning Analytics.  NTT’s network transformation platform, SPEKTRA, delivers an additional layer of AI-enabled automation, predictive analytics and event correlation techniques.

This integrated solution uses advanced AIOps to deliver innovation and intelligent workplace features by using Cisco Catalyst Center DevOps API services layer. Monitoring, event correlation, automation and real-time analytics provide the insights that network administrators need to manage the IT ecosystem more efficiently. End-to-end managed services encompass design, support, delivery, and lifecycle services with a single, unified services portal.

Benefits of true integration and managed solutions

NTT’s technical expertise brings the full range of Catalyst Center features into its Managed Networks solution to provide numerous advantages, including:

  • Real-time analytics helps administrators quickly identify and resolve network and security issues before they become major problems.
  • Automation of up to 90 percent of network management tasks reduces the workload and lowers downtimecaused by manual configuration errors and troubleshooting.
  • Simplified network management with a single dashboard view covers the entire network.
  • Proactive management and operations by using advanced monitoring and event management keep the network running smoothly, 24x7x365.
  • Access to technical expertise for managing and supporting the solution reduces the pressure on in-house IT staff.

This solution can be adapted to meet infrastructure needs across a range of situations: large, complex networks that require automation, segmentation, and real-time analytics; network management for multisite organizations; and migrations to the cloud with automation and real-time analytics that support cloud-based services.  Additionally, NTT helps customers meet compliance requirements with policy-based access control and network segmentation.

Unlock the potential of advanced functionality

“Our Managed Cisco Catalyst Center offering is another example of how we combine innovation in AI with our network management expertise to help our clients improve their network performance and find operational efficiencies while simplifying management requirements,” said Amit Dhingra,Executive Vice President: Managed Network Services at NTT in his blog, Introducing NTT’s Managed Cisco Catalyst Center. 

NTT’s Managed Catalyst Center offering uses a framework of platform, people, and process to redesign the network and deliver operational excellence.

To learn more, download the whitepapers on NTT Managed Catalyst Center – Monitoring and NTT Managed Catalyst Center – Automated Operations.


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