I am sharing this announcement filled with nostalgia of a remarkably successful era for the Cisco AireOS WLC and excitement for the multibillion-dollar opportunity that comes with the End of Sale/Life announcements. That’s because for every ending, there’s a new beginning awaits.

In 2005, the Cisco AireOS wireless controllers revolutionized the Wi-Fi industry with controller-based architecture and leading innovations like Cisco CleanAir technology, Flexible Radio Assignment (FRA), Application Visibility and Control, Software-Defined Access, and integration with Cisco DNA Spaces.


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And now, the opportunities that lie ahead are equally spectacular. The next generation Cisco IOS XE-based Wi-Fi 6 solutions have numerous game-changing innovations focusing on customer’s top care-abouts: flexible cloud deployment, AI/ML intelligence and telemetry, programmability, and security, including for the Future of Work.

Cisco Partners, your time is now.

With a renewed focus on business resiliency and a safe return the workplace, our customers will need you more than ever.

72% of organizations expect greater resilience and agility to be byproducts of the pandemic experience. [PcW COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey]

As NetOps teams prepare for a safe return to the workplace, 62% are expected to deploy more pervasive video conferencing. 38% will implement social density insights to ensure safe working conditions. 36% will focus on remote network operations and help desk. 32% will deploy proximity reporting to maintain social distancing. 30% will establish new workplace safety measures, such as thermal cameras, advanced air filtration, and touchless elevator controls. [2020 Cisco Business Resilience Networking Survey]

As changes are unrelenting and constant, customers will look to you to help them modernize their wireless network to Wi-Fi 6, to empower their employees to collaborate from anywhere, to ensure the safety and wellness of their workforce and customers, and to respond quickly to change. You can also help customers redesign their workforce and workplaces with Remote Workforce Wireless Solutions and Trusted Workplace powered by Cisco DNA Spaces and Secure Network Access infrastructure.

ACT NOW to lead this Wi-Fi 6 transition with your customers.

  1. Enable your account teams with customer base insights using the Cisco Ready for Partner.
  2. Leverage the Modernize Wireless and Modernize Switching sales campaigns. These 3-page pocket guides outline the steps to qualify customers, include sales and partner resources and incentives to maximize profitability and services insertion.

Happy Selling!


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Victoria Varau

Business Development Manager

Global Partner Organization