A few weeks ago, we were in Barcelona at our Marketing Velocity event with more than 200 of our partner marketers. We focused on connecting partners with resources they can take advantage of now, educating them on what the future holds for marketing, and activating them to drive their organizations growth. Check out my last blog for some highlights and links to replays.

We also discussed trends and technology impacting our industry and what the customer of the future will look like. One of the key areas relating to this is collaboration – the need for human interaction and the personal experience. Karen Walker shared a video during her keynote presentation featuring Millie Bobby Brown introducing the new Cisco Webex and the importance of intuitive human interactions in collaboration. It had me thinking about the new ways we need to work together and market together to reach our customers on their journeys.

We made substantial announcements across the Collaboration portfolio at Collaboration Summit. And we’ve been on a journey to make our portfolio more intuitive with beautiful, award-winning endpoints and applications that are super user-friendly.

Last week, Cisco unveiled the Work. Intuitive. campaign for our partner marketers to leverage. This campaign supports the journey to deliver human collaboration. And we’re enabling all Cisco Partners to market our solutions like never before.

Whether you’re an advanced digital marketer wanting to create your own version of the campaign, have a marketing relationship with a Cisco Partner Marketing Manager, or have never done digital marketing before, this campaign is designed for you. We offer the content, assets, and marketing services, packaged along with clear steps and best practices to execute and succeed.

The Work. Intuitive. campaign helps you reach both collaboration IT buyers and knowledge workers that demand intuitive, easy-to-use, and innovative ways to move work forward. Both have access to budgets and influence the purchasing decision. We want to provide the right resources to reach these buyers and their businesses.

Key benefits/takeaways of the Work. Intuitive. campaign:

  • This full-funnel campaign, driven by breakthrough creative content at the top, will grab the attention of both collaboration buyers and users and then captivate by connecting them to their unique care-abouts at each stage of the decision-making process
  • They will get further engaged through interactive content and custom call to actions
  • Finally, we want to enable them to contact you —open a conversation through key offers and free trials
  • The campaign focus begins with meetings and team collaboration but does not end there. You will see it evolve to address team collaboration and calling as the year rolls out

Get started today.

Check out the campaign assets within Partner Marketing Central and find your own path to success with Work. Intuitive. partner playbook.

We want you to feel supported and embrace the opportunity to reach more customers with their collaboration needs.