Customers are relying on Collaboration solutions more than ever.  Webex is there to securely and reliably connect the distributed workforce, keeping our customers up and running now, and well into the future.  

This week, we have several exciting and innovative announcements to support our customers and partners as we continue to evolve and build the future of work together 

Bridge to Possible | WebexThis brand-new global sales and marketing campaign is designed to help you convert enterprise trials, block out the competition and expand your services value within your customer base.  Prepare your sales and technical teams with our new training and support resources while arming your marketers with the Bridge to Possible campaign available now in Marketing Velocity Central. Tap into the Bridge to Possible | Webex campaign to own your edge and capture the opportunity with Cisco! 

Collaboration Launch: Business Continuity and Seamless Workflows The Cisco Webex platform is supporting the evolving needs of the workforce. Our new enhancements to Cisco Webex Control Hub provides single pane of glass simplicity, centralized management, and visibility to troubleshoot at scale, manage workspaces with utilization insights, monitor security compliance and more. Meanwhile, Webex Assistant has also been integrated into the Webex Meetings experience to provide voice intelligent features such as real-time transcription, closed captioning, voice commands, notes, highlights and more. To learn more about how Cisco is delivering workstyle flexibility through all of our launch innovations, click here 

Between our latest platform enhancements and our Bridge to Possible | Webex campaign, there has never been a better time to go big with Cisco Webex. I look forward to partnering together as we continue to work hand in hand to build the future of work for our customers.  


Cherie Caldwell

Global Director, Collaboration GTM

Global Partner Organization