We all know as technology professionals that chasing after new business in new accounts is exciting, and there is a thrill in the chase. And we also know it can cost 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing customer. That’s why it’s important to understand the white space, the gap between the solutions your customer has purchased from you and the opportunity you have to offer additional products and services.

We talk about “white space” in IoT because it’s a great analogy to describe how together we can profit in this market. The term originated in printing to describe the area on a document not being covered by print or graphics. It’s a space to either provide more information or sell more advertisements. While in business today the term is used to indicate missed opportunities, I think of white space in IoT as the opportunity to leverage your expertise in intent-based networking and extend the benefits of security and automation into non-carpeted areas.

By selling IoT into the white space, you can leverage account relationships to grow business together and differentiate from competitors. But to sell more to an existing customer you need the right tools:  the best products, solutions and strategy. One reason there is such a huge opportunity for Cisco partners with IoT is that you can fill in that white space by taking current Cisco GTM solutions and service capabilities and extending them to the IoT edge. That means getting networks connected in the more difficult places, like outdoor environments, to drive bigger intent-based networking deals.

Cisco’s IoT toolbox is getting bigger. This week at Cisco Live in San Diego, we’re announcing new products and tools to help our partners take their opportunities with intent-based networking even further. This means products that have certifications to work in the harshest IoT environments, including ruggedized solutions that can withstand moisture, dust and weather. We’re also introducing innovations and DevNet updates for our technology and industry partners that will help us all expand IoT deployment value for customers. This includes new Cisco Validated Designs to help make deployments simple and predictable.

As a Cisco intent based networking and IoT partner, learn to fill in your white space to grow your deals, sell more than the competition, and win more of the market opportunity around software recurring revenue and professional services. To learn more about our Cisco IoT solutions, Partner assets, and innovations, please visit our Partner Success Guide, as well as our Product Hub for IoT.

Be sure to watch my Partner Xperience Live interview with David Durham to learn more! 



Andres Sintes

Global Senior Director, Partner GTM

Global Partner Organization (GPO) - Digital Transformation & IoT