2019 is almost here and it’s now time to think about how you can come back refreshed and ready to transform for the new year.

We all know, the way customers buy, use and consume technology is rapidly changing. To stay competitive, Cisco and our partners must adjust our technology portfolios to accommodate flexible consumption models, new sales motions and customer engagement throughout the lifecycle. At Cisco Partner Summit 2018, you heard the big theme of Perform and Transform, where we highlighted the need for all of us to work on maintaining growth and profitability today, while also investing in new capabilities and go-to-market approaches for the future.

Why should you perform and transform? Because customers are demanding solutions that deliver business outcomes, rather than technologies. And because you can access new total addressable markets by reaching beyond traditional IT buyers and engaging other decision makers. By becoming a partner of the future you are able to digitally transform your organization so you can enable new business models – for you and your customers – so we can all continue to win and grow. And whatever the solution is, software represents the last mile where the business value is experienced.

Selling and delivering the value of solutions that provide business outcomes and enable digital transformation – now that’s a big lift. Not sure where to start? Look no further than Cisco Digital Navigator, a digital transformation methodology where all Cisco partners can assess their digital business readiness and gain a clear, personalized path forward, including recommended role-based trainings and resources, and ecosystem partners to help to address needed capabilities. Digital Navigator can quickly take you from “where do I begin?” or “how do I accelerate?” to building your own personalized digital solutions go-to-market plan. It can also help you find the right path when it comes to adding new software and lifecycle service capabilities to your practice to ultimately deliver the best value and customer experience.

Here are a few of the new capabilities Cisco Digital Navigator can help with:

  • Business-Outcome Oriented Selling
  • New Buying Centers
  • Consulting
  • Software Development and Integration
  • Lifecycle and Managed Services
  • Operational capabilities
  • Multi-Partner Joint GTM alignment
  • And more!



But don’t just take our word for it! Several partners participated in the Digital Navigator pilot program and the results have been outstanding, including one partner who expanded a $1 million deal with a customer to over $20 million after the pilot. This is consistent with what we’re seeing from Cisco’s most profitable resellers who have built successful solution practices. They’re growing 20 percent faster year-over-year, seeing 50% higher margins, and getting 3x more revenue from line-of-business buyers.

It’s an amazing time to be a Cisco partner with a variety of avenues to capture growth and profitability. Cisco Digital Navigator can help you get there. It’s your clear path to delivering solutions and profitability today, while helping you to quickly build your personalized digital transformation plan and practice for tomorrow.

Don’t wait for 2019 to get your New Year’s resolutions going, start today by learning more about Cisco Digital Navigator here and how you can start accelerating down your own clear path. Also, be keep an eye out for invitations to upcoming partner webinars in each region after the holiday break. Here’s to a very Happy New Year, with faster growth, higher margins, and bigger and better outcomes for our customers.





Andres Sintes

Global Senior Director, Partner GTM

Global Partner Organization (GPO) - Digital Transformation & IoT