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It’s a sensitive subject. Some prisoners are held in remote, undisclosed locations to preserve national security. But there’s no chance of rehabilitation in total isolation. And prisons have to protect civil and human rights. Cisco developer partner CONNECT Professional Services is helping the Department of State and Ministry of Interior in a country within the gulf region keep prisoners in touch with their families via telepresence.


Until recently, families of prisoners had to travel to specific locations where a video until was set up, just to talk to their loved one. Travel times were long and often expensive. And prison officials had to work with up to six different companies just to set up the meetings.

So, the nation’s ministry of defense asked us for a telepresence solution to let families anywhere in the country connect with prisoners. One using a simple web interface on a laptop or smartphone. We worked with Cisco to build out a collaboration platform that uses Cisco telepresence endpoints and cloud services.

Here’s how it works:

  • A meeting date is set
  • The family launches the meeting with a password in a web browser
  • The prisoners use secure video conferencing to join the meeting
  • The family connects for the allotted time
  • All calls are monitored and recorded

It’s an easy end-to-end secure, automated telepresence service for people in an unusual situation. It keeps families connected, and prisoners secure. And it reduces IT and travel costs for all involved.

Thanks, CONNECT!

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Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing