The FY20 Epilogue

In Distribution, like a parent, you are the provider, knowledge repository, solution designer, and so much more. In the epilogue of the FY20 fiscal year, there were many monsters and storybook chapters that would have gone unfinished or unavenged if it were not for you. I commend your effort to pull us through!

Together, we made a positive impact in 2Tier, which I’d like to share with you. We had:

  • Public Sector – Product and Service Growth
  • Security, Meraki, and Recurring Offer Growth
  • Double-digit growth compared to FY19 in the Radius Program

Setting the stage

As we transition into the new fiscal year, there are many things we hope will help increase our consolidated impact and set you up for the best performance. Not only are we going to continue fueling partner success through a greater lockstep alignment, which you can read about here, but we also want to enable small and midsize business, simplify processes where possible, and accelerate Cisco software and services.

We get it. There is only so much preparation and strategy alignment we can do. In the end, as Albert Camus said, “Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.” At Cisco, we are making strides to do even more in our daily bandwidth to ignite your success.

Preface for FY21

To really emphasize our commitment, Andrew Sage, Vice President of Global Distribution Sales, is leading another Disti Forum to help preface the year ahead and give you insight into the Cisco business continuity outline. You can register for the event, here.

Although none of us know what lies on the next page of our story, my hope is that we all take the opportunity to come together to fuel partner success into the new fiscal year.

– John Brookbank


John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales