As dynamic network, data center, and cloud environments become more complex, effective security requires greater visibility and intelligent policy recommendations. We recently co-sponsored a survey of almost 500 security and IT pros, from organizations with at least $250 million in annual revenue, and 73% said they lacked actionable insight in their application environments. That’s a cry for help.

The good news for our partners, and their customers, is that help is on the way. Today’s announcement at the RSA Conference is Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense 7.0. It brings new capability to help customers with their most pressing multicloud and application security needs.

Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense 7.0 Highlights

  • Improved performance and greater value: up to 30 percent faster throughput for the majority of Cisco Secure Firewalls
  • Integrated network and workload security: unlike other major enterprise firewall providers, only Cisco provides unified East-West and North-South protection, at the workload and network levels, across constantly changing application environments. Cisco Secure Workload (formerly Tetration) dynamically informs Cisco Secure Firewall of recommended policy changes.
  • Deeper SecureX integration: the new SecureX Ribbon, part of the Firewall Management Center, enables users to instantly pivot to SecureX for faster incident response time. Every Cisco Secure Firewall includes an entitlement for Cisco SecureX, delivering a simplified experience that leverages the entire Cisco Secure platform.
  • The new Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native: it’s purpose-built for Kubernetes environments, developer-friendly, and the most elastic firewall we’ve ever built. Available first in AWS, Secure Firewall Cloud Native leverages Kubernetes for orchestration, auto-scaling, and auto-healing.
  • Dynamic Attributes for more robust policies: provides the flexibility to create robust policies in dynamic environments where fixed IP addresses don’t exist. For years, Cisco has been a pioneer in tag-based policies with our firewall support of Security Group Tags (SGTs) and other Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Now, with dynamic attributes, we extend this capability further, leveraging Azure, VMware, and AWS tags.
  • Snort 3 IPS: delivers enhanced threat defense and new human-readable rules that simplify your IPS evolution. Automated rule migration streamlines migration for existing firewall and dedicated IPS users. With Threat Defense 7.0, Snort 3 is available with Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center. Additionally, you’ll find Snort 3 in Cisco Meraki MX and SASE Umbrella cloud delivered firewalls.
  • Analytics for logs: available with Cisco Security Analytics and Logging (SAL), a new licensable option with Secure Firewall, it provides analytics and log aggregation for Cisco Secure ASA and FTD firewalls. Additionally, Cisco keeps customers compliant with Threat Defense’s differentiated TLS Server Identity & Discovery It enables you to maintain Layer 7 app control and URL filtering policies on TLS 1.3 traffic that break with competing firewalls.

Also, today Cisco is making public its new vision: NetWORK security — our differentiated vision for simplifying, strengthening, and redefining your network, workload, and multi-cloud security. These new announcements present a great opportunity to look at your existing install base and identify customers who are using yesterday’s firewall capabilities to protect against the threats of today and tomorrow. Cisco Secure has some compelling partner offers built out for migration and competitive displacement, most notably we have new discounts specific to our Cisco Secure Firewall that you should check out.

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Cisco Secure Firewall

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