The cloud is no longer the disruptive technology of tomorrow.  Today, it plays an essential role in day-to-day business operations of an increasing number of organizations worldwide.  With the expanding number of services available, cloud represents an important opportunity for cloud providers.  However, with this expansion also comes greater competition.

In the early days of cloud, Cisco recognized the need for businesses to identify cloud providers who offer enterprise-class services.  By creating the Cisco Powered designation, Cisco helps customers more easily find providers offering the performance, reliability, and security they require.  And when these organizations select a Cisco Powered service, they know their service will match or exceed what they could deploy from their own data centers.

With the increasing availability of best-effort cloud services, Cisco Powered continues to play an important role in helping businesses connect with the right cloud providers.  And, just as cloud technology has evolved over the years, so has Cisco Powered.


You can offer both Cisco Powered cloud and managed services, allowing your customers to collaborate and work the way they want.

The extensive Cisco Powered portfolio enables you to deliver a wide range of services to meet the varied requirements of your customers.

  • 11 cloud services in the areas of infrastructure, collaboration and security, including those based on the Cisco Powered Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform
  • 10 managed services in the areas of collaboration, connectivity, and security

As a member of the Cisco partner ecosystem, you are part of an elite group of cloud providers, resellers, cloud builders, and aggregators.

  • Partners within the ecosystem work together to deliver application-specific cloud solutions and jointly help customers realize the greatest value from the Internet of Everything.

Cisco Powered has come a long way.  It has become the industry standard for cloud and managed services because it’s the trusted choice to optimize businesses for the connected world.  In just a few years, more than 250 cloud providers have undergone the certification and audit processes required to offer Cisco Powered services.  Together, they deliver more than 600 services worldwide.  In addition, these providers are supported by more 500 resellers.

If you’re already a provider of Cisco Powered services, share your perspective on how it differentiates you from commodity-based clouds and extends your cloud offering to reach new customers and build new revenue streams.

If you aren’t part of the Cisco ecosystem, now’s the time to join.

Learn more about how you can offer Cisco Powered services and help your customers transform their businesses by moving to the cloud.


Xander Uyleman

Senior Manager

Global Partner Marketing