We are dedicated to our partners. You are in our DNA. Together we share success, and in tough times we look out for each other. In a world of uncertainty, only a browser window away, we want to make it a bit easier for you to focus on your employees, customers, and community.


  • Partners participating in Perform Plus will have their baselines (that measure performance) normalized for the fourth quarter of Cisco’s Fiscal Year (April 26, July 25, 2020 to account for market instability.
  • Furthermore, to provide a level of predictability, partners that experience any level of growth will earn a Growth Bonus for the fourth quarter of Cisco’s Fiscal Year (April 26 – July 25, 2020).
  • This is in addition to partners being eligible to earn their standard Perform Plus Growth Incentive, and both existing bonuses for growing Enterprise Networking and Security Solutions together as well as selling to mid-size and small businesses.

We are supporting and investing in our partners and now is the time to capitalize on these enhancements when you can take advantage of the additional rebate and bonuses designed to compound your quarterly cash rebate!

As we continue to navigate through these difficult times, we rely on our partnership, mutual core values, and the knowledge that we faced adversity before and made it through. I remind myself of that every day. Now more than ever, thank you for your partnership.

For full details on the growth bonus, review the Perform Plus Section in e-Book and work with your Partner Account Manager or distributor.


Arjun Lahiri

Global Director

Partner Strategy and Programs