I spent a great week in Chicago at Cisco Marketing Velocity and, as promised, now I’m back to share one last quick recap of the event, including the replays of the speakers’ sessions.  Hopefully you had a chance last week to take a look at my entry on Velocity about the partner award winners and VP of Global Partner Marketing, Sherri Liebo’s wrap up interview last Thursday.

I saw some fantastic presentations last week, and of course I received some wonderful feedback from partners. We all talked about becoming a “marketer of the future” and I was able to capture some thoughts on how to make the transition to marketer of the future and just what that term means. See what your colleagues, our speakers and Cisco executives have to say about making the transition to become a “marketer of the future.

What do you think it takes to be the marketer of the future? Be sure to let me know in the comments section.


Last weeks’ event saw some excellent guest speakers present in Chicago, and we invite you to view any sessions you missed. A partner login is required to access the Marketing Velocity videos. The guest speakers at Marketing Velocity covered a number of topics:

Professor Jonah Berger (@j1berger) is an expert on word of mouth and how products and ideas become popular. His session on Disrupt. Engage.Win. gave you the power to see what no one else sees and engage customers with innovative marketing. Check out the preview for his session and then watch the full replay.

Scott McKain (@scottmckain), Business Leader, Author and Customer Experience Expert, showed you how to Stand Out From the Crowd. He explored the power to blend art and science to differentiate your brand and create distinctive customer connections. Review Scott’s preview video and then take a look at his full presentation.

Best-selling author David Meerman Scott (@dmscott) spoke about how to Amplify Your Brand Voice and Turn Up the Volume to “11”. He showed how the astonishing reach and impact of social media and its continued evolution gives you the power to reach and influence millions at the same time. Watch David’s preview video and then access his full presentation from Marketing Velocity.

Brian Solis (@briansolis) is a best-selling author, Digital Analyst, Business Strategist and New Media Expert who focused on WTF (What’s the Future) in our final session last week. He covered how the changing role of marketing gives you the power to strategically impact your customers. Brian provided a preview of his session, and the full presentation is also available now.

Ty Montague spoke about The Rise of “Storydoing”, combining story and action to transform your business. Transformational companies are cultivating their brand and enhancing their brands by the use of “storydoing” rather than “storytelling.” It is all about the rise of “storydoing.” Be sure to view the video replay.

Bert Jacobs, Co-founder and Chief Executive Optimist of Life is good, Inc. told an unconventional story from an unconventional entrepreneur on how Optimism Can Take You Anywhere. Told with an innovative approach to growing a highly profitable business, while also insisting on a strong social mission, Jacobs shares the surprising secrets to the runaway success of Life is good. Watch the video replay.

Of course, we also have the replays of presentations from Bruce Klein, SVP, Cisco Worldwide Partner Organization and Karen Walker, SVP, Cisco Go to Market available on the Marketing Velocity Site. Bruce presented on how our partner strategy has evolved with the introduction of the Cisco Partner Ecosystem to help you understand what you can do to continue to drive pipeline for your company through revenue marketing.

You can also watch Karen moderate a discussion on Keeping Pace with Change, where the panel covered the changing role of the CMO and the skills they must have to keep up with marketing innovations, and understand the new buyer journey.

More information can be found on the replays and recaps at the Cisco Marketing Velocity Site. This site does require a partner login to access. Be sure to check it out and let me know if I can dig up any additional information you might need. Don’t forget to check out the ongoing webcasts available to you on that site as well!

Wrapping up Velocity 2014

As I mentioned, it was great to meet so many of you in Chicago last week. I hope those of you that attended took away as much insight as these partners:

As we continue on through 2014, Sherri Liebo will be back on the Channels Blog with a deeper look at the super heroes we introduced at Marketing Velocity. In addition, Sherri will be hosting two webcasts on Internet of Everything (IoE) on June 4.

Please join her for information on how you can:

  • Capitalize on the investments you’re already making withCisco to position your firm as an IoE provider of choice.
  • Position the Cisco solutions you’re selling now – the network, mobility, cloud, security, video, and big data to help your customers benefit from IoE.
  • Tap into the powerful partner ecosystem we’re enabling and connecting to help you grow your IoE practice and profits.

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What a great trip to Chicago last week. Let me know what you thought of Marketing Velocity this year!


David Durham

Content Strategist