Man, its been a while since I wrote about our Sports & Entertainment practice here at Cisco. Looking back at all of our activity this summer, the news and announcements—has my head spinning! Boy, have we been busy!

Let’s start with some news from every major theatre around the world. Cisco, with its flagship product CiscoVision, have made a huge impact in driving fan & customer experience, offering operational improvements and leading with a true line of business outcomes approach at each venue.

Recent News:

None of this news happens without the impact our partners have in this space together. With the largest ecosystem of technology partners in the industry, Cisco is once again leading the way and great success stories with our partners below are just a few examples.

Partners Making an impact:

  • Love the partnership with Heartland Business Systems working along side Cisco at the Fiserv Forum. Read and watch how the two teams are partnering together!
  • See how are friends at Wait Times are integrating into Cisco’s CiscoVision dynamic digital signage system!

We are always trying to develop tools to help you be successful as a partner. Whether its content, trainings, or in person tours, we are here to help you the partner! We recently conducted our quarterly partner sales training. Would encourage any partner seller focused on Digital Signage and Sports & Entertainment to check out this training.  In this season Ken Marin, Global Director of Sales for CiscoVision & Sports and Entertainment and I give you an overview of the industry opportunity, business challenges and tools and technology from Cisco to make you more effective in the market! To sign up for more of these webinars visit our Partner Guide.

We also have several great resources with a host of online content:

So, what’s next for Cisco Sports & Entertainment and IoT CiscoVision team?

  • On October 8, Cisco is partnering with The Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District to participate in The Leaders Sport Business Summit, London.  We will jointly host a private session for 30+ senior executives from across the S&E industry to review the evolving role of smart venue technologies, including Cisco Vision, creating a media and engagement platform for driving business growth.  More details can be found at Leaders.
  • Then on October 21, Cisco is joining our partners from Teradata on their Sports & Entertainment roundtable discussing a wide range of topics from player safety, IoT, wearables, and fan experience.  For more information on Teradata Universe details can found here.

So as you can see, we have a lot going on in Sports, with more exciting news to come with our CiscoVision IoT product!  Happy selling everyone!



Bryan Bedford

Global Industry Director: Retail, Hospitality, Sports, Media and Entertainment

Global Partner Organization