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When a team of creative minds in Milwaukee set out to create a world-class arena, they envisioned it decked out with the latest technology available. The idea was to build a fan experience like no other—and an entertainment hub connecting the community for generations to come.

Bringing such visions to life requires big, bold thinking. At the 730,000-square-foot Fiserv Forum arena, the technology needed to serve some 17,500 basketball fans and as many as 19,000 concert-goers.

The project’s developers looked for a partner that could not only source the right equipment but also implement and support the design. That’s where Heartland Business Systems came in.

Heartland’s relationship with Cisco’s Advanced Services team allowed them to roll out some of the best technologies available. The arena gained a cloud-based system for all its connectivity needs, as well as mobile solutions including a next-generation app. And everything is aesthetically pleasing, with antennas hiding in handrails and under faux-stone and faux-wood covers so you don’t even know they’re there.  

When fans enter the arena today, they enjoy an immersive, high-tech experience. With 800 HDTVs, audience members can see games and replays from anywhere in the arena. All points of sale happen wirelessly and securely. When fans get thirsty, they can even click social-media “beer me” buttons for brews delivered directly to their seats.

With an eye to the future, the arena’s technology can be extended to support features not even dreamed up yet. So Milwaukee and its fans can continue to think big—and cheer for an even brighter tomorrow.

Between bold concepts and game-changing solutions, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

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