Great experiences make a big difference, especially when it comes to digital. That includes business interactions. As we all continue navigating our current new normal, we are getting used to doing things differently – like events. Last month we experienced our first fully digital Cisco Live US. Although nothing beats the one-on-one interactions with our colleagues, partners and customers, the experience was revealing: immersive digital experiences are real, and they can be very positive.

What we are experiencing in 2020 is more than a new normal, it’s really about our “next normal” because how we are using technology is evolving so quickly. Connectivity is accelerating the digital transformation paradigm, across all industries large and small. So today our reality check is centered in how prepared we are to adapt to sudden changes, as well as how flexible we have designed our infrastructure to support different types of services. This means IoT is more important than ever for continued business success, especially if we want to learn quickly and pivot effectively in a fast-changing world.

Customers see incredible benefits from a robust IT Infrastructure; and you, our partners, know just how important it is to have a deep understanding of what they need to get there.

  • You embrace learning and focus on how to design and provide measurable results to your customers using Cisco breakthrough technologies.
  • You work closely with your customers throughout their transformation to software-defined tools that bring automation, self-healing, service assurance and security.
  • You continually demonstrate to them that migration to new platforms will empower businesses to grow and adapt to breakneck pace changing conditions.
  • Your company has the brain power to transform and to provide the support customers need.
  • You are proving to your customers that the right technology provides the ability to run, to produce, to grow.

Now it’s time to improve the operational side of business with the help of your IT contacts.    Operational needs are diverse, but equally important, and include such goals as factories embracing remote operations, increasing video coverage, adapting to new services to monitor new sensors and increasing the utilization of robots on the factory floor. All these new services need a robust and secure infrastructure that you can promote using Cisco IoT Portfolio. The portfolio solutions include products that you already know — switches, routers and access points — with a design to fit extreme conditions, like the ones you find in outdoor environments, remote locations and warehouses. These Cisco IoT solutions extend the IT network’s capacity to settings that in the past had been isolated.

Cisco IoT Portfolio gives you the ability to start new conversations with your customers and explore the unique IT needs and challenges they are solving. You may be surprised to find that many IT managers have plenty of problems that require a particular type of connectivity. You will probably be more interested to find that those IT managers do not know the capabilities of the Cisco IoT Portfolio, and how it can help them. And even better, now you can position how their current Cisco infrastructure can be connected to this new network and vastly extend functionality.

We are all witnessing an incredible transformation acceleration in 2020.  Cisco partners have an opportunity to create new opportunities in new spaces with current customers while providing the agility they need to adapt to new challenges. To support your efforts, we have created a number of assets that can help you get up-to-speed quickly.

See our Internet of Things Hub at Sales Connect, specifically the section for Extended Enterprise. You will find the tools to position Cisco’s IoT Portfolio and gain traction with your IT buyers.

  1. Presentations: BDM and TDM decks and videos will show you how to use Extended Enterprise as an opener for new opportunities. You will also find how to use SD-WAN as an entry-talk for some industries
  2. Collateral: Infographics on the Extended Enterprise and Intent-Based Networking relationship.
  3. Use cases
  4. IoT Industrial IoT Portfolio

Lastly, if you are a Cisco IoT Authorized partner, you can benefit from IoT Ignite, which provides a competitive advantage when selling and positioning the Cisco IoT Portfolio. Cisco IoT Ignite is a bridge for new opportunities with your closest customers, in any industry.

Digital transformation continues to be an epic journey, and IoT is a key that will open and amplify your reach. Welcome to our next normal.


Andres Ruiz

Senior Business Development Manager

Global Partner Organization