We are in the midst of a connected revolution, driven by technology. Everything is becoming connected, and it’s not just things. It’s people, processes, data, AND things. That’s what Cisco describes as the Internet of Everything (IoE).  Today, less than 1 percent of the things in the world – or about 10 billion things –  are connected to the Internet. That number will grow to more than 50 billion in the next decade.

Fast innovation requires Fast IT. In order to keep up with the volume of things connecting to the network, we must support the developers who are designing the solutions and the connected architecture that will support the future of intelligent networks. Developers and solution builders are the lifeblood of IoE.  In fact, Cisco has created DevNet to enable an open community of software developers – including ISVs, customers and Systems Integrators/channel partners – to easily and rapidly build Cisco-enabled applications, including IoE applications.

As the need for business applications continues to rise, it is beyond Cisco’s purview to develop all of those applications. We understand how valuable Cisco Solution Partners are in meeting diverse application and product needs. Cisco’s goal is to support these vital members of the Partner Ecosystem to develop solutions that benefit joint customers.

Cisco customers and Channel Partners want products and solutions that are compatible with Cisco infrastructure.  One way we support partners is by offering a program to test and verify the interoperability of the partner’s products and solutions as Cisco compatible.  Compatibility with Cisco products can be achieved in two ways: either being included in a Cisco Validated Design (CVD), or by completing Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT).

  • Cisco Compatible designates Cisco’s most rigorous level of interoperability validation for products and solutions created by our industry leading partners.
  • Solution Partner Program members can validate their products and solutions to meet Cisco standards and submit them for testing and review. Products and solutions that meet the requirements will display the Cisco Compatible logo.
  • The Cisco Compatible logo helps customers quickly identify Cisco partner’s products and solutions that interoperate seamlessly with a Cisco infrastructure and have met specific Cisco integration and interoperability standards. This reduces the testing and integration costs and the opportunity to eliminate products that don’t deliver a complete solution, allowing customers to save both time and money.

Receiving a Cisco Compatible designation differentiates a partner’s solution to Cisco customers and carries clout in the industry.  As one of the most recognizable brands in world, there is a powerful transfer of brand power from associating with the Cisco name. Products that are Cisco Compatible carry certain tangible benefits including:

  • Identification via the Cisco Compatible logo
  • Ability to issue a Cisco supported press release
  • Participation in the World of Solutions exhibition hall at Cisco Live
  • Preferred presence in the Cisco Marketplace
  • Opportunity to be eligible for the Solution Incentive Program (SIP) – which provides financial incentives to Cisco channel partners who sell third party SIP-approved solutions

Our main objective is to provide our customers with Cisco Compatible solutions that deliver better business outcomes and a faster time to market.  We look forward to working with our Solution Partners to build and deliver a robust portfolio of Cisco compatible solutions.

For more information on the Solution Partner Program guidelines

You can always get more information here regarding the Solution Partner Program guidelines, or send questions to solutionpartnerprogram-support@cisco.com.

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Arjun Lahiri

Global Director

Partner Strategy and Programs