As we continue to navigate this global pandemic together, it has become abundantly clear that for many businesses around the world, their one and only opportunity to engage customers is through a digital, touchless experience. Never before has the importance of a digital application experience meant more to a customer’s brand awareness, loyalty, and propensity to engage, than NOW.

In this blog, I’m excited to share some amazing recognition Cisco has received from Forrester Wave, essentially validating a multi-year approach, commitment, and pivot we made to focus on the customer Application Experience. Here are 3 simple ways to think about the importance of the Application Experience:

  1. The Customer’s digital experience is their #1 care about
  2. That care about relies on the ability to deliver an incredible “Application Experience”
  3. Naturally, the Application Experience then becomes the #1 care about

Additionally, think for a moment on how the environment will evolve further over the next couple years as highlighted in a report by IDC.

  1. Applications created over the next two years will have exponential growth in the number of dependencies, meaning “more complexity” to manage/control
  2. Related to #1, over the next two years, almost half of all applications will be built from microservices, meaning more distribution/spread of inter-dependent parts*

As IDC states, more inter-dependencies, more complexity, and more distribution of critical functions. Off of this backdrop, we realize the importance of simplifying this complex environment and providing foundational tools and platforms that can help our partners lean-in on hybrid cloud opportunities while driving rich, digital, application experiences to customers. And what better way to manage a hybrid environment than with an industry recognized cloud-first SaaS platform in Cisco Intersight paired with HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure that is dependable, rich, and agile. All focused on delivering a truly differentiated digital, customer focused, Application Experience.

Now onto more exciting news! I’m very pleased to announce that Cisco Data Center was named a leader in two Forrester Wave reports: Infrastructure Automation Platforms and Hyperconverged Infrastructure. Intersight, Cisco’s IAP (Infrastructure Automation Platform) platform and HyperFlex, Cisco’s Hyperconverged Platform, were in the leader categories of Forrester Wave of Q3 2020. Together, Cisco Intersight and HyperFlex give you simple, rich, and intuitive ways to orchestrate and operate your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

With Cisco Intersight at the forefront of cloud-first SaaS management, deploying, configuring, and operating HyperFlex and UCS is simple, intuitive, and scalable. We believe that Cisco Intersight paired with HyperFlex allow partners to drive compelling hybrid cloud offers into the marketplace. The ability to deliver operational simplicity, leverage a rich technology ecosystem, and have powerful application relevant visualizations, give our partners that extra edge in driving differentiation and profitability. Now is your opportunity to learn more, lean-in, and engage to deliver a truly differentiated, Application Experience.

Stay tuned as we deliver more features and capabilities to address exciting opportunities around integrated Kubernetes, application resource management innovations,  iSCSI block storage, expanded hypervisor options, and flexible consumption options. All meant to deliver additional profitability, simplification, and time savings.

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* Reference: IDC InfoBrief Transforming Applications and Multicloud Operations, 2019


Stay safe and healthy!

– Brian




Brian Shoda

Senior Director, Data Center & Cloud

Global Partner Organization (GPO)