October Refresh FY23

Cisco Black Belt Academy’s Annual Refresh is here. It is the time for a Refreshed learning Journey. The Black Belt Academy stands by its goals to provide Simplified, Digitized and Personalized experience for the learners and with this year’s Annual Refresh we want to make the most of it. FY23 October Refresh will not only focus on refreshed content but also improved user interface. The goal shall be to bring up a Unified experience for our users.

Through Q1 FY23 we will be refreshing the training content for around 150 Learning Maps, add new Trainings and new Roles.

Here are a few new steps we have taken to enhance your experience:


To understand the Partner Insights well we conducted the Black Belt Partner Listening survey. First things first, a Big Thanks to all our Partners who took time to participate in the survey and provided their valuable feedback. The aim of the survey was to prioritize that we understand the partners expectations from the Black Belt Academy program. It is going to help in driving improvements on overall experience including content quality, support, certification process, rewards, and the user interface.

Along with Black Belt Partner Listening Survey, for our analysis we have taken references from the global Voice of Partners Survey and the Reviews and Ratings provided by the Learners on the trainings they have undergone.


One of the feedback items we received from the Partner listening Survey was the ability for us to inform the partner on the s tatus of their Black belt Journey. As a part of Black Belt Engagement program, with the help of Global Partner Marketing team, we kicked off partner reminders to complete stages 2 & 3 to be sent to users who are in progress in the status for more than 60 days. This is a fully automated recurring process set up by the global partner marketing team to help simplify Black Belt partner engagement. We are targeting 10% increase in Stage 2/3 adoption Q/Q in FY 23 as an outcome of this initiative.


For improving the overall user experience, we are focussing on developing enhanced SalesConnect UI and UX, along with an enhanced search functionality and a remodelled Black Belt Partner Engagement Plan. To help users improve on navigation and the overall guidance duringthe trainings we are aiming to revise the Submission Guidelines Template to make it well-structured and it shall incorporate all the relevant links associated to the learning curriculum.


We have also launched a Black Belt Cisco.com page that’s accessible by everyone. This enables users who do not have a log in with partner level access to get high level information on Black Belt Academy. This website also helps them in getting their ids created and access updated. Guess what!! You can find this site on google as well. 

Our objective is to make sure we bring the best with this year’s Annual Refresh for our learners. We are hoping we would improve the process and experience for the learners with the upgrades and fixes. The Project is under implementation phase and the New Experience will Go Live on October 31st, 2022.

All the official announcements are being sent out via social media, Partner News Hub, Masters Community, PAM Community, so stay tuned for further developments and insights and do follow #CiscoBlackBelt #OctoberRefresh tags to keep yourself updated. You can check out our Black Belt Hub Page as well for important information.

Find out What’s New and What’s Updated in this year’s Black Belt Academy October Refresh


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Ritul Shukla

Program Manager

Cisco Black Belt Academy