As digital disruption driven by the Internet of things sweeps across all industries, it’s promise of success hits a major roadblock if devices are not connected. And while most of us walk around carrying mobile phones and have Wi-Fi networks in every office — the business non-carpeted spaces remain widely unconnected. This greatly limits the devices that can be connected to increase productivity, safety and proactive maintenance for workers in the field.

To address this challenge, Honeywell teamed with Cisco to bring to market the Honeywell OneWireless Network that delivers the only wireless network needed for non-carpeted areas, such as factories, plants, mines and production facilities.

As a one-stop shop complete solution — including access points, device managers and wireless controllers — Honeywell OneWireless Network combines the best wireless technologies from Honeywell and Cisco to offer a secure, multi-protocol solution that supports a wide range of industrial applications.

The Honeywell OneWireless Network has a long list of field proven use cases, including:

  • Remote process monitoring: Alcoa deployed specialized ISA100 wireless instruments for its alumina refineries to improve production as well as operator safety. The wireless network enables faster troubleshooting, process improvement, and monitoring of mobile equipment.
  • Process control: Phillips 66 increased visibility of inventory across its 7-square-mile tank farm to increase blending performance by 18 percent. The Honeywell OneWireless network complete with gauges and transmitters was implemented in under 48 hours.
  • Emergency response: One of the leading refineries in the Middle East SAMREF deployed mobile industrial video cameras to provide live stream images during incident response and rescue operations. The footage enables incident Commanders to make faster decisions during crisis situations.
  • Improving Safety: A Middle East gas field improved personnel safety through wireless wearable devices connected to the OneWireless network. The devices detect gas leaks, alerting the wearer and control room. The devices also help operators and first responders locate personnel in a man down situation.
  • Machine health monitoring: Tatas Chemical implemented a OneWireless network to enable remote monitoring of process areas in its cement plant. Maintenance personnel now receive real-time status reports to remotely diagnose equipment.

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In fact, the list of use cases for the Honeywell OneWireless Network is so vast, and the solution has been so well received, that in 2019 Honeywell was awarded Cisco Strategic Partner Organization’s (SPO) “Designed-in Partner of The Year”. Cisco recognized Honeywell for its long-term partner relationship, global engagement and innovative solution development.

Cisco is also partnering with Honeywell Building Technologies (HBT) to drive connectivity, productivity and security for buildings, ranging from skyscrapers to stadiums t shopping centers. HBT designs Cisco into its Building Management Systems (BMS), smart city and building infrastructure projects in the areas of enterprise routing and switching, wireless, cybersecurity and collaboration.


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