How do you improve on what’s already an incredible experience? Easy, unleash the innovation prowess of two great companies.

Well, it may not have been easy, but that’s exactly what Cisco and Apple did last week with the introduction of iOS 10. This monumental upgrade ushered in a new era of mobile connectivity and collaboration by optimizing the way one billion iOS devices around the world connect to Cisco Wi-Fi networks.

Not only is connecting to a Cisco Wi-Fi network significantly enhanced, but customers also receive prioritization of business apps and an intuitively simple and reliable collaboration experience with Cisco Spark.  A new API featured in iOS 10 enables Cisco Spark to seamlessly unify VoIP and cellular calling so that the native phone app handles both. Customers now get the same experience, while preserving the unique benefits the VoIP app provides.

So, what does this mean for our partners? A lot!

  • First, partners can differentiate themselves and provide their customers a new premiere mobile collaboration experience right now, today!
  • Second, Cisco Spark represents a predictable recurring revenue stream through lucrative subscription licensing.
  • Third, Cisco is rolling out several new services this fall to help customers get even more from their Apple and Cisco solutions. Our certified partners can provide these services and capture additional revenue opportunities.
  • Finally, many network environments are prime candidates to be upgraded so customers can take advantage of the powerful capabilities applications like these can provide their IT and end users. Partners can leverage Cisco’s Digital Network opportunity to drive these enhanced mobile experiences with new offers that are available today. (Learn more here.)

Our co-development partnership with Apple started just 10 months ago, and this milestone represents how both companies are maniacally focused on delivering a premium experience for customers. And for our partners, this represents an incredible opportunity to deliver greater value, capture new revenue streams and differentiate themselves.

Congratulations to the Apple and Cisco teams who’ve made this landmark milestone possible!

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