Celebrating a major victory is a ritual that organizations do all over the world. Whether it’s an innovation breakthrough, a landmark customer win or reaching a significant milestone on a critical project, the opportunity to pause and savor the accomplishment underscores its importance and reinforces the values of hard work, creativity and daring to dream big.

I recently had the chance to celebrate what actually makes these accomplishments come to life – the people!   During my organization’s quarterly all-employee meeting yesterday, we unveiled our inaugural Impact Award winners. These are the individuals and teams who through creativity, drive, and collaboration, made a positive impact on our partners, customers and Cisco.

As Cisco’s partner organization has evolved to keep pace with the needs of our partners and customers, we re-tooled our internal recognition program to celebrate achievements around these six areas:

  1. Simplicity – making it easier for our partners and customers to do business with us.
  2. Alignment – increasing alignment between partners and the Cisco field so partners can have more sales impact and move faster.
  3. Value Exchange – evolving our programs and incentives so they are current and commensurate with today’s software and digital landscape.
  4. Growth – helping partners build connections across the ecosystem and capturing new growth opportunities e.g. lifecycle, software, etc.
  5. Influence – creating unmatched advantage in support of either our partners, customers or Cisco.
  6. Innovation – creating breakthrough new ideas and approaches that lead to a significant and positive impact on our partners, customers and Cisco.

The contributions from the 24 people who garnered an Impact Award were amazing. I’d love to share them all, but you’ll have to trust me – they all demonstrate their commitment to helping you, our partners, succeed and to helping Cisco build an even better partner program.

Please join me in congratulating our inaugural Impact Award winners.


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Wendy Bahr

No Longer with Cisco