True story. This happened to someone on my team. Her father-in-law lives alone.

Several years ago, he had a stroke. He lay on the floor for hours until a neighbor noticed his open front door and found him.

Luckily, he made a full recovery.

It was clear how fast a treatable health condition could become a critical problem. If he’d had regular monitoring or a relationship with a doctor he could quickly talk to, then maybe they would have noticed his blood pressure was rising and treated it.

More than 29% of people over the age of 65 live alone.* They’re more likely to be women and tend to be unfamiliar with technology. Many struggle with isolation and some go for days without actually talking to a live person.
This is the challenge that our partner World Wide Technology (WWT) and their client, Mercy Virtual, are
working to solve.

Patients with chronic conditions have it rough. It’s difficult to monitor your health, and keep dozens of appointments. So, the staff at Mercy wanted to bring health care to them. And create a completely virtual telehealth experience.

All the connections had to be invisible. Elderly patients had to be able to set up and access services without getting frustrated.

Mercy wanted it to be something patients would not just accept, but come to value. The chance to connect with caregivers who would get to know them. To ask questions, get real answers, and quick referrals. Not a promise that someone would get back to them days later.

We have to try to build that rapport with the patient over time to earn their trust. I get to know them on a really personal level, what’s important to them, what their goals are.

-Veronica Jones, Registered Nurse, Mercy Virtual


To be a service patients trusted, Mercy needed a partner they could trust – WWT. And WWT needed technology they could rely on – Cisco. Because every connection our technology creates is about building relationships. This is how WWT works every day too.


I feel like when I come to work I have 50 grandparents that I’m taking care of. Some patients get the hang of it so quickly. The day after we install them they’re sending all their vitals, they’re sending me messages.

-Shelby Zytko, Navigator, Mercy Virtual

For Mercy Virtual, this means people like my teammate’s father-in-law can connect to medical staff from home anytime. And get care to stay healthy and out of the hospital. Before a small problem becomes life-threatening. To stay in their homes and feel empowered and independent.

I am so proud of our partners like WWT who are making a real difference in the lives of the people Mercy Virtual cares for. It’s a great story. And there are more stories just like this one that our partner ecosystem makes possible.

What stories do you tell your customers?

Discover the story of how Mercy Virtual is connecting patients with care.