It is no secret that the global pandemic has accelerated our customers’ digital transformation and shifted how they consume and purchase technology. And there is no sign that this transformation is slowing. Regardless of the economic climate, our customers continue to invest in technology to extend unique capabilities to their users, deliver distinct business outcomes, or drive new experiences to their customers.

Throughout this digital transformation, Cisco partners have been able to meet these dynamic customer demands by building solutions on top of Cisco’s industry leading platforms. By leveraging Cisco’s development tools, technical resources, and programs, partners have been able to extend the capabilities of Cisco platforms to deliver the solutions customers require. Whether driving new data insights, solving specific industry challenges, or delivering phenomenal user experiences, partners are finding the new opportunity potential is boundless.

So how can the Cisco Ecosystem Partner Acceleration & Experience team help?

Our commitment is to deliver industry leading experiences, simplify solution development, and increase your profitability. This commitment had led us to understand that it can be challenging, and time consuming, to find, retrieve, connect, and properly utilize all the resources across Cisco to build, showcase, and sell your solution. With this understanding, and through your feedback, we are creating best-in-class capabilities to meet your needs.

The first step in our commitment is to help you build and showcase your solution.

From solution ideation to technical enablement, to the build and validation process, to routes to market, to developing a go-to-market plan, the Build on Cisco journey has been specifically designed to simplify your experience. This simple, straight-forward, one-stop shop, will guide you through everything you need to take a solution from ideation to revenue.

But our commitment does not stop there. Providing you with opportunities to create awareness of your solution has never been more important. With Cisco’s Ecosystem Exchange, you can showcase your solution to customers, partners, and Cisco sales teams. With up to 11,000 visits per month, buyers search 1,500 partner solutions and use cases to discover the right solution for their business. Through further investments we plan to create even greater value with new lead capture and intuitive search and filter capabilities for customers to easily find the best solution and act.

Cisco SolutionsPlus places a select set of “Cisco Compatible” partner solutions on the Cisco global price list. SolutionsPlus provides immense value to our partners by making it faster for customers to order validated solutions. We all know Cisco seller alignment is critical, so with SolutionsPlus we make that possible as they are compensated on these solutions. While SolutionsPlus is invitation only and requires Cisco Business Unit sponsorship, we can help orchestrate this.

It’s time we talk about partner growth and profitability!  Partner-built solutions meet the changing demands of our customers.  Through Cisco’s co-selling model, you can leverage Cisco sellers and our partner-built solutions to reach new buyers and IT to generate deal sizes up to 4x larger!

As you can see, ensuring you are successful is the most important work we do within the Cisco Ecosystem Partner Acceleration & Experience team. If you need help or guidance on anything we covered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

So, grab your tool belt and let’s get started!

Build on Cisco!


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Cherie Caldwell

Global Director, Collaboration GTM

Global Partner Organization