August marks the end of the fiscal year at Cisco and offers an opportunity to reflect and focus on the year ahead – top of mind for everyone at Cisco is the value of partnership. We all recognize that partners are critical to our success, and we are grateful for everything you do. For new and long-time Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners, I would like to welcome you to our Cisco FY20! 

I am excited to announce the launch of our new MSP partner website. We know time is valuable and our goal for this site was to bring together resources from across Cisco to create an efficient, first stop for MSPs interested in learning, comparing and researching managed solutions and the benefits of partnering with Cisco.  

Bookmark the MSP page today! 

One resource on the site I wanted to highlight is an eBook, brought to life through a partnership with Gary Pica at TruMethods. Why did we partner with Gary Pica? Nobody knows this space better than Gary, TruMethod’s MyITProcess is used by hundreds of MSP’s around the globe who desire to drive better operational efficiencies into their practice.

In this eBook, Gary condensed his expertise into the concept of the virtual CIO (vCIO), a framework for capturing more value and building stronger, deeper connections to clients. We believe that the ideas within the vCIO eBook can be beneficial to all MSPs and encourage you to share them with colleagues and let us know how they benefit you. 

As we navigate the evolving managed services space with the MSP community, the Cisco MSP site will continue to grow to bring new content, ideas, and managed service offers that help MSPs succeed.  

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Marc Inderhees

Senior Manager

Global Partner Organization (GPO)