The recent global pandemic and current global events, coupled with the escalating nature of digital revolution, have affected not only our working habits but also how we learn — making it increasingly difficult to deliver training that will stick. We are overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient. Flexibility in where and how we learn is increasingly important.

In Cisco Sales & Partner Global Operations, our mission is to accelerate partner transformation by driving operational readiness, productivity, effectiveness, and experience at scale. When our partners are successful, everyone wins. Delivering operational information in an easy and impactful way is key to helping them be the best at what they do, especially during times of continual change.

Our formula to INFORM, EDUCATE and ENGAGE partners has proven to be successful over the years, however it was time for us to reimagine this space to increase agility, effectiveness, and speed in delivering right information to the right audience at the right time.

Our Partner Readiness Hub’s new approach to learning focuses on combining the best of human and digital elements to provide the most effective educational experience possible, while also keeping our partners engaged.

Digital: Self-Paced Learning

Our Digital Learning Paths provide a self-paced learning option for our partners, using a variety of short and comprehensive videos, based on individual knowledge levels. Our goal is to help partners fully understand operational processes, tools and capabilities across all of our program pillars from Commerce, through Licensing, SaaS and Buying Programs.

Our enhanced announcement page (SalesConnect) provides a glimpse of the latest updates on releases across Cisco’s program pillars.

Human: Interactive Webinars with Experts

partner operational enablement live webinars imageOur live webinars are designed to provide partners an opportunity to interact with our experts and ask questions that are specific to their business. Our webinar series includes:

  • Operational Readiness Monthly webinar that focuses on the latest operational news on offers, enhancements and capabilities across Cisco’s programs and initiatives.
  • Enterprise Agreement (EA) True Forward (TF) Monthlywebinar helps partners understand capabilities and functionalities and navigate the complexities involved in the TF process.
  • On-demand webinars are designed to take a deep dive into a particular tool or program, such as Enterprise Agreement (EA) True Forward (TF), My Cisco Entitlements, Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW), CCW Renewals (CCW-R) and many more.

Last month we delivered over 20 webinars with 1700+ partner attendees and I am pleased to share some partner testimonials, proving that our new digital and human framework is making a positive impact to inform, educate and engage:

“Thanks for a very informative session, please keep holding these as they are proving to be a wealth of info.”

“I’m loving the quiz sections that have been added, please keep them going, the more questions the better.”

“Very informative and professional. Well done.”

Comprehensive Learning Made Easy

Start your learning journey today and visit our Partner Operational Readiness Hub to find out more! Learn about many educational options that cover the latest news on capabilities, enhancements, offers, and a variety of other helpful resources across Cisco’s programs and initiatives.


Visit the Partner Operational Readiness Hub on SalesConnect


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Szabina Huttner

Lead, Partner Operations & Digital Enablement

Commerce Operations (CO)